Heart and Heaven

As I Can See

What kind of place is Heaven? It is where we can take pride in what we prepared during our life on earth, and in our life of attendance. Then what kind of people enters heaven? Is heaven a place for those who simply believe in the Lord and expect to receive blessings or who act only for the sake of receiving blessing? No. Heaven is the destination for those who live preparing their hearts to attend God, as well as those who can leave behind a life of attendance and joyfully move on, even if they were to die while preparing. There is resurrection there. The details of life do not appear there. How we should live from now on is the important question we should reflect upon in our life of attendance.

Heaven is a place we cannot enter without a connection of heart. It is the original nation…

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Train, through the Night

As I Can See

The train drives through the night. Lights are passing by, noises buzzing my feet. The windows reflect the strange shapes of in and out. Torso of reality.

Where I am coming from, where I am heading to is only known by God and me.

Faces of becoming and passing know nothing about the message what was planted in me, not so long ago. I feel like something has been given what is far beyond my body’s pain and my concepts.

„What would you do if the Messiah said thank you to you?”, this is the question echoing in me. „I wish I had known”, would reply the old self. Everything has changed, it is like growing, expanding and being reborn on and on at the same time. I do have responsibility. To share, to offer, humbly and meekly, letting Heaven to work through me, leading a life in what one…

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