Human beings have been searching for an eternal and unchanging master

That one master is none other than the master of eternal love, life, and hope. Moreover, that master is a being of altruism. He is the representative hero of living for the sake of others.

That master of altruism must be able to realize both the desires of the mind and the desires of the body. He must be able to take responsibility for and represent history and universal wholeness. If you have not found this kind of master and have not united your ideals with his, and if you have not materialized the environment in which you can serve him and live with him and share joy with him on the universal level, then you will not be able to free yourself from the universal fight and fear which will unfold in the last days. These will unfold on the three-dimensional level.

Human beings must seek after this eternal, central standard which they lost because of the fall. Conflict is inevitable in the course of restoration which pursues this standard. This conflict, which began on the individual level, has been expanding to the family, national, and world levels. After concluding this horizontal fight on earth, there will come a time of conflict in three dimensions that will even involve the spirit world. All the human beings who encounter that time must find the standard of true love, true life, and true hope. Based on that, they must vanquish that period of chaos and fear. If this is not accomplished and we cannot present before all things the condition that resides in the one master of love, life, and hope, then human beings will not be able to avoid the time of judgment.

In the near future, we will meet the end of history, when we must divide left from right and good from evil. What must we do at such a time? If we cannot find the one master who is the standard for separating good from evil and left from right, we will not escape judgment. Not only must we divide good and evil according to his standard, we must also carry on all tasks centering on him. If we cannot purify our spiritual and physical selves through him, then there is absolutely no way we can be excused from the judgment of the last days.

All the people of history have hoped for the one master who will become the standard of reference for all values. Now this hope has arrived before our eyes. Therefore, centering upon that one master, we must put forth before history all our accomplishments, having fulfilled all of our responsibilities, in order to satisfy the hope of all people. Going one step further, we must remove the grief of Heaven.

The course of God’s dispensation of restoration and human history intersect centering on one being. That point of intersection expands from individuals to the nation, to the world, and goes on to the universe. Therefore, you must understand that each of your lives represents the universe.

For Whom Are We Living?
Reverend Sun Myung Moon
April 7, 1957

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