Altruism must develop further

Human beings cannot live without creating relationships with other people. An individual exists because his mind and body are in a relationship and are in the position to live for the sake of the other. This altruism must develop further to care for the family, people, society and the nation. Furthermore, even the universe is to lead a life of altruism. In religious terms, this kind of altruistic life is a life lived for the sake of God.

Centering on yourself, you must find the standard that will enable you to care for others in horizontal relationships. Then, creating three-dimensional relationships, you must find the standard that will enable you to live for the sake of the one center. After that, you must lead a life that can connect with the one center on the levels of the family, nation, world, and universe. Without this kind of central standard of altruism, we human beings cannot obtain satisfaction and happiness.

You must find that central standard of altruism which can be responsible for history, which possesses the value of the whole, and which pursues the universe. You must do this in order to build a relationship of life. By connecting with the root of power centering on love, you must absorb infinitely and be absorbed infinitely. Furthermore, you must be able to receive validation of this from the entire environment that surrounds you.

Throughout the length of history, human beings have been searching for an eternal and unchanging someone upon whom they can depend. They want to entrust themselves to him, and experience the love of God for eternity through him. They want to praise that love. Similarly, human beings are seeking the one master who can eternally vouch for them before all things of the universe.

For Whom Are We Living?
Reverend Sun Myung Moon
April 7, 1957

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