It is hard to talk about God sometimes

As I Can See

A lot of times we hardly can talk about God, Heavenly Parent. Although, we do have The Feeling, The Connection, The Understanding, it is simply impossible to Share…

Sometimes we lay a foundation to be “discredited”, and maybe more often, others around us just nodding to anything we say, keeping ignorance in their mindset, having a dried heart towards anything related to Heaven.

God has been accused since the Fall, and even today we do that. It might happen that personally we do not, however, we are collectively responsible for each other…

Who has been cursed and outcast from people’s life more than Him?

Even without clearly understanding His Heart, we judgementally condemn everything He did and things what He never even had anything to do with. Is He really guilty for Men’s faults, wars, broken marriages, suffering relationships, humiliation, violance, arrogance, abuse, misuse, torture, kidnapping, invading, abandoning? And so…

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