Jacob’s Strategy and Esau’s Sorrowful Wailing

As I Can See

Today, when reviewing Biblical history, you cannot deny that providential leaders must pioneer the reverse course. If the foundation was not only lost but destroyed, you must use the same genuine part in order to repair it. Thus, restoration through indemnity had to go the reversal course.

In the restoration course of Esau and Jacob, because the younger brother stole the birthright that belonged to his older brother, Jacob had to go the twenty-one years of drudgery. Can you imagine how hard and painful his life was while serving in the house of Laban? He spent months and years filled with many difficulties. An ordinary person, especially a man, would not able to endure and remain in such a situation. What kind of person was his uncle? Laban was a thief. Despite this painful situation, Jacob endured all hardships and difficulties, for twenty one years, without uttering complaints. Because of…

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