Does God Want Us to Serve Him?

As I Can See

Does God Want Us to Serve Him?

I do not think so.

As the Providence, the History has developed, God could show his heart, love, care, worry, grief, sorrow, pain, anger and longing, desire, hope to humanity.

The fallen men so often misunderstood Him, fearing and serving His angels.

The Absolute Being can not relate directly to the relative, ceaselessly changing, immature people. His messengers dominated, and the wrath of God ideas started, God-fearing parents taught their children. How painful it was for Heavenly Parent!

Because that He is.

His long awaited, most beloved son, Jesus Christ has known it, since his early childhood. God was his real father, and took care of him in the midst of outcast, misunderstanding, tribulations. He watched all his steps, embraced his heart, and guided and taught him everything, day by day, step by step. By the time arrived, Jesus was prepared to fulfill…

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