Wherever We Are

As I Can See

Wherever we are, we can see the sign of the living God in ourselves. He is not a concept or a mere daydream for the times of needs. Any of us, who has ever been in the lowest and in the highest, who has ever felt lonely, isolated or being Blessed and winner, who has felt no comfort on Earth or has embraced a tree or cried over the beauty of a falling tree leave, has experienced the sensation of God. He is eternal, He is everywhere and in every one of us. Even when we betray Him, chasing cheap and easy solutions of lies, hate, rage, denial, selfishness, ignorance, scientific reasoning over others’ feelings, He is still there.

It might be our shimmery conscience what gives us the proof, the wisdom we can share all of a sudden, the uplifting spirit what guides others, the sincerity amidst the clouds…

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