A man and woman who embrace each other

As I Can See

A girl has an image of a boy whom God loves, and a boy has the image of a girl who is also beloved of God. When they praise or uplift each other. God also rejoices and all things rejoice. The standard of joyfulness depends upon whether they can embrace each other in heart and have the kind of value in which heaven and each together can rejoice. A man and woman who embrace each other are themselves the place where the universe can unite, and are God’s ideal image. This was God’s hope for the original world of creation.

However, because of the fall, the first man and woman cut their relationship with God and with all things. They came to have a self-centered attitude about love, to embrace each other and have a relationship as they wished without the blessing of God. Anyone who thinks this way, even…

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Human nature

As I Can See

Human nature is such that we always desire a fuller relationship of love; we always want to go deeper and deeper into love. It is important to know how we can be harmonized with the essence of love in the universe. First of all, we must think of God as our subject. Each person is always in the position of object to God. What is the subject/object relationship centered upon? It is centered on love. Thus the essential relationship between God and man is that of the subject and object of love. The parent/child relationship is the essential, universal relationship.

(from the book: The Restoration of True Love)

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Sins and Sinners

Who do we judge? Is self-accusation aligned with God, our Heavenly Father? Will a sinner be outcast from Heaven forever?

Jesus was the very first man who knew God, our Heavenly Father’s heart fully, in its completeness and beauty. Neither Noah, Jacob, Moses nor Adam and Eve knew God fully, nobody before Jesus could ever experience the emotions of God, the intellect of God, the will of God completely. As we recall the history, since Jesus, not so many people could live in oneness, harmony, resonance with Heavenly Father, either.

What did Jesus, the Son of God do when He met sinners? When things went sideways, not according to the greatest expectations?

Jesus never blamed others, never belmed Himself. Despite His tremendous pain what he carried knowing the sorrow of God, our Heavenly Father, and the undeveloped abilities of the people to preceive Him, causing troubles and grief, Jesus never judged. Instead He called everybody to immerse in God only, who is not a judging but a loving , Heavenly Parent. This revolutionary thought naturally risked the institionalized religions, and the clash between the true identiity fo God and the misbeliefs ended in an unspeakable result.

Yet, Jesus and God never ever blamed any of our ancestors, never ever blamed us, and will never ever blame our descendants. On the contrary, we tend t do totally the opposite of their character. We tend to sink into the depths of self-accuastion and destroyingly criticizing others, blaming everyone, and we do feel time to time we are right…

Somebody is happy with us. Somebody encourages us to keep on this ancient tradition. Is it truly God? Is it truly Jesus?

Forgiveness is not forgetfulness.

We should learn form the mistakes from the past and our present, too. We should be as wise as God, our Heavenly Parent is; loving, caring, active as well. Every child wants to resemble to the goodness of the parents. Somwehere deep, we all must feel the need of it. This world is not God’s world yet…

…however, it is up to us, each and every one of us to decide based on our free will, when to start the change. We can ask for help, since God, our Heavenly Parent is always around, and when ever we pray with honesty, sincerity, He will be able to connect to us, long-waited children. He will never think of us as sinners, and He will forgive our sins. He will always be with us to support in the way of transformation, to become True Sons and Daughter.

Heaven will be built this way.


May Heavenly Father’s Blessing Be Upon and By You and Your Beloved People!




As I Can See

There are many people living on the earth and many kinds of relationships among them. There are many nations, but there is no true unity among them. There are many people within each nation, but they have not united. You don’t see total unity within your family, and even within yourself there is not total oneness. This is the present reality that we face. No matter where we look, we see that unity is lacking.

Oneness is a difficult goal to achieve. Distrust, disobedience and disharmony surround us. There is both good and evil in our fluctuating, volatile environment.

However, it is undeniable that each person is pursuing something higher than merely staying alive. There is a drive in people’s hearts to pursue their original mind’s goal and reach some ideal state. What is that ultimate destination toward which we all strive?

Let us look at ourselves first. Within each…

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Men Are Not the Cause of Things

As I Can See

Everyone on earth wants blessing. Everyone wants their path blessed by some absolute power and wants to follow it. This desire is shared by individuals, organizations, nations, and the world. Men are not the cause of nature. Things do not derive from men.

Who are we? Who is God? He is the Creator. Who is the creator? According to the world of religion, God is our Father, and we are the children of God. However, it is not clear what kind of Father He is. Is He a rented father? Is He the father of our neighbor? Our stepfather? What kind of father is He? If He is not our real parent, is He our parent-in-law? Is the word “Father” right? As long as this fundamental question is not resolved, waiting for a better environment is not a solution. It won’t be resolved for tens of millions of years.


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