Would anyone join Jesus today?

Most of us tend to imagine how simply we would have joined to Jesus if we had been there, that time with Him. We would have been better and more truthful and loyal than the closest disciples. How often do we daydream how we would have acted differently than the Twelve and the rest of the people?

Let us imagine, there was a shaggy guy, in less than fancy clothes, using a very unusual language and style. Everything he said would take time to listen not to mention to understand it. He wouldn’t even have any social site or if he had, with less interesting and merely a few followers. The photos and quotes He shared would possibly bring up questions even with the HR when we want to change or be promoted and we are checked…

When we invited Him to our church community, He would possibly sabotage the pastor’s topic with strange questions and even would give healthcare advices for the most, whom would start to expect some kind of medically impossible magic to be healed by it just suddenly…

He would rather speak to our children than to us or our families. He would speak even those we try to avoid in our lives. So inconvenient and troublesome would be everyday around Him, as he would seem rather incompetent to accept the forms of socializing: no beers, no beach parties, not even a fine cricket game – and He wouldn’t want to talk about football, fashion either…

All the gifts, nice clothes He would simply give away to strangers. He would even scold us watching our regular TV-shows, saying more important things are ahead of us.

Basically, everything what He taught would be atypical and kind of against everything people -including each and every one of us- believe normal and acceptable.

At the end He would even say we were not in the right path to go back to God, our Heavenly Father…

…and agents from three-lettered agencies would start to ask us and our neighbours…

Would any of us simply believe in Him?

Would any of us easily join Him?

Would any of us change his/her life for Him?

Would any of us have enough faith and courage to follow the Son of God if He was right here, right now?


Be Blessed and Be Blessings to Others!



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