Where can we find true love?

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Where can we find true love? This world, without true love, is running into immorality. Corrupted mortality is the sign of ruin. This is God’s headache. Are you capable of wiping out the corruption in the world? We can truly regenerate the entire youth of the world through our own hands. You are responsible for the future of the world. God knows that already.

Take Up God’s Worst Problem
Reverend Sun Myung Moon
April 25, 1976

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God and the Limit of Science

As I Can See

Distinguished Chairman, eminent scholars, ladies and gentlemen!

Thank you all very much for having decided to attend this Eighth International Conference on the Unity of the Sciences. Each year this meeting has become increasingly important because of your participation. This has been gratifying to me as the Founder of the Conference.

In connection with this year’s theme, “The Responsibility of the Academic Community in the Search for Absolute Values,” I would like to express a few opinions on the topic, “God and the Limit of Science.”

As science developed in recent years mankind has had great expectations, and has believed that relief from both spiritual and physical difficulties would come through the advancement of scientific technology.

Scientists who have had a sense that theirs is a crucial mission as contributors to mankind have continued on the one hand to pursue ultimate scientific truth and on the other to apply scientific…

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Parable of the wedding feast

As I Can See

Jesus began to speak to them  in parables once again, ‘The kingdom of heaven may be compared to a king who gave a feast for his son’s wedding. He sent his servants to call those who had been invited, but they would not come. Next he sent some more servants. “Tell those who have been invited” hes said “that I have my banquet all prepared, my oxen and fattened cattle have been slaughtered, everything is ready. Come to the wedding.” But they were not interested: one went off to his farm, another to his business, and the rest seized his servants, maltreated them and killed them. The king was furious. He dispatched his troops, destroyed those murderers and burnt their town. Then he said to his servants, “The wedding is ready; but as those who were invited proved to be unworthy, go to the crossroads in the town and invite…

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