Let Your Soul Be Your Pilot

As I Can See

Let your soul be your pilot
Let your soul guide you
He’ll guide you well

When you’re down and they’re counting
When your secrets all found out
When your troubles take to mounting
When the map you have leads you to doubt
When there’s no information
And the compass turns to nowhere that you know well

Let your soul be your pilot
Let your soul guide you
He’ll guide you well

When the doctors failed to heal you
When no medicine chest can make you well
When no counsel leads to comfort
When there are no more lies they can tell
No more useless information
And the compass spins
The compass spins between heaven and hell

Let your soul be your pilot
Let your soul guide you
He’ll guide you well

And your eyes turn towards the window pane
To the lights upon the hill
The distance seems so strange…

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Things are never easy

As I Can See

Things are never easy. Neither to deal with, nor to accept their mere existence. We often tend to find comforting shelter in denying them…

Things can be tricky. They can be visible only for us, leaving us in the alone state. Where we can be seen either crazy, or someone who just simply lost the sense of balance…

Things can be hard. Endurance is an option but rarely manifested in the time of the overwhelming Things

Anyone to listen to us? Anyone to see as we see? We are the blind for the most. We have no ears for the most. Fortunately, there is always a listener, someone, who never doubts us, someone, who loves us, even if He will be seemed fool not letting us alone.
Our Heavenly Parent does have things, too. Different kinds, though: love, compassion, forgiveness – for example.

We do have time, all…

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Heaven is here

As I Can See

We live at the end of human history.

Certainly, every end is a new beginning, like at a childbirth, like passing to the spirit world, our eternal homeland.

We are here to develop our character with ceaseless deeds for others’ benefits.

Living for the sake of others.

We are living in the most precious era ever in God’s Providence, when we can breathe the air together with the living Messiah, the Lord of the Second Advent, the King of Kings, the True Parents of Heaven and Earth and Humankind.

Meeting the Messiah up to a lot of things, starting with our good ancestors, and absolutely good spirits, the good spirit world, the way how we conduct our life, and so on.

However, what we do with this Truth is up to us.

We are responsible to change and transform the world.  Starting in ourselves, establishing a Godlike give-and-take action…

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Love is an Action

As I Can See

Love is an Action.

Action of ceaseless giving, when we forget we gave and give again, not thinking of “reality” concepts and others’ talk.

It is like when a mother feeds her baby, it is like when a child serves the parents as the greatest happiness.

Like God loves us all, unconditionally, watching each of our steps in the life, praying for us, crying for us, establishing and upholding the whole Universe for us, protecting us, praising us, lifting us, giving us the life of joy and happiness… and all these make him joyful and happy, filled with unconditional, absoluteLove.

Love is beyond all the human knowledge and science, however, in the same way, every single steps of our life is included, can be included…

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