Are You a Public Person?

When you think about yourselves, can you say that you are a completely public-minded person, completely living for the sake of others? If you are, then no matter how many roadblocks you may encounter, you will still be able to reach God. But if you can’t say that you are that kind of person, then Satan is just watching and waiting along the narrow road, ready to catch you. What is a public man? A public man is the one who has public eyes, a public nose, a public mouth, a public mind, and public sense. Think about yourself. Are you a public person or not? You leaders of the Unification Church, what do you think about yourselves? When almighty God looks at you, He sees a man trying to build a path for his life down just one avenue. God can’t claim this kind of life because that is Satan’s possession.

Of course, a public man has five physical senses; however, each sense is focusing on the public purpose. For example, what his eye is looking at, or what his ear is hearing, is always centered on the public goal. What is the public goal? The public goal is that which works toward creating goodness for the whole. What is a satanic man? He looks just like the public man. He has two eyes, but he sees things differently with each of his two eyes. He has two ears, but he may hear one thing with one ear and another thing with the other ear. He has a mouth, but he speaks the way he wants, without thinking about God. That is a satanic man.

Which way is easier for you – the public way of life or the private, individualistic way? There is no doubt that living the public way of life is much more difficult. The self-centered way of life is just free and easy. There are no restrictions or regulations; you go as you feel. From that point of view, do you think you belong to Satan or God? I can’t believe you when you say “God.” You are laughing, so that means you admit that it’s true! So which do you choose – the easy way out, or the difficult way?

The world today is in turmoil, being pulled by both God and Satan. Therefore, if we want to save or restore this world, the entire population has to choose this difficult way and be united and work together. Then we can eliminate the power of Satan and make this world beautiful world of harmony.

The hope for mankind is for some person or group to appear in history that can block Satan’s influence. Satan is the one who creates the roadblock between man and God; but if a group of people can begin to create a roadblock between Satan and man, that is the world’s hope. That is why we see two distinctly different groups in this world. One group will go after self-centered goals, and one group will even be willing to sacrifice their lives for the sake of the public goal.

Man has to find this public-minded way of life. But it is a very thorny path. Who is going to show mankind that this thorny way is the right way? Only the religions have been doing this. That is why religions teach, “Don’t live for yourself; sacrifice yourself for others.” In Satan’s dictionary, there are no such words as “love,” “sacrifice,” or “service for others.” He knows nothing about those things. However, in God’s dictionary, those are the key words. Those are the words that fill up all of God’s books. They are like kings of words. When you read the Bible without understanding the essence of the words “love,” “sacrifice,” and “service for others,” you may get tired or bored. However, if you fully understand those terms, you will really enjoy reading the Bible and will be completely inspired.

Which aspect of you likes those words – your mind or your body? Of course, your mind likes them because your mind is connected to God and shares in His unchanging and eternal character. However, the body belongs to the realm of change and therefore is connected to Satan and the secular world. We can say that the mind is the stage for the public w y of life and the body is the base for the individualistic way. The mind is the base for God and the body can be the base for Satan.

If we see some delicious food, the body may say, “Hey, go over there and grab some before anybody else comes in.” But your mind will say, “No, wait for the others to take some and then take from whatever is left.” In this particular example, we can clearly see God’s side and Satan’s side. If we just follow the body’s desire, the evil mind will continue to grow. But if we follow the mind’s direction, would the evil mind continue to grow? If our body completely unites with and follows our mind, this kind of evil inclination will gradually disappear.

Isolation and Liberation
Reverend Sun Myung Moon
March 20, 1988

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