How to Save the USA and the World

There has been a hidden tension what started to burst out in the USA lately due to the police-shootings, however, we should see the wider perspective: it is a world-wide phenomena.

The once praised democracy failed and the misused western countries (misused by powers what people tended not to care/missed to control) spread the new-age of the historically well-known oppression, exploitation, and enmity. Certainly, again, a minority of people acts in the name of the rest, without even letting them know everything. Oswald Spengler wrote The Decline of the West  almost a century ago, a time when the communism has just started its rapid soaring as an answer for the exploited, unheeded, misused people, an answer for their desperate longing for something better, something true. As it turned out, even that was a poor and abused blueprint of something great what the heartistic people needed…

Right now, the civilization is changing, “Rome” (USA) is collapsing, since no morality and true virtues are in its leadership, the new center of the world is the Pacific Rim, both internally and externally…

Similarly to the Roman Empire, the USA used to be in the position of the one great leader of the world, however, it broke the trust of every part of the world, especially after the fall of the communism.

Contraversially, one of the greatest human achievement, the Constitution of the United States (and the Bill of Rights), the spirit and attendance of the first settlers, the Founding Fathers, and millions of true patriots who searhced their own path to God, are also rooted in the same place. There are millions of beautiful people there and lots of them lost their consciousness towards their own body, diet, spiritual health in exchange for vanities and the promise of veneer happiness. Without true and reforming leaders, who have skills and excel in their relationship with God, lead an exemplary life,too, there is no chance to avoid the apocalyptic end, what is less in the silver screen, more in the real life, in the streets.

The police officers are the very same people, their children attend to the very same schools like others, they go to the same shops and drink the same coffee… without the mask, the facade, the tinhorn shelter of the uniform they are the very same people. They are not the only one living an errant life: think of the doctors in their practice, forgetting millions in the streets in the need of their help; businessmen, loosing their touch to the reality playing their own, pitiful but envied monopoly-game, forgetting millions in the streets and ruining the life of almost everyone; priests, preaching instead of acting in a humble but meaningful way; journalists, discovering and knowing the truth and agendas, yet bending and hiding it for the hope of fame or more viewers-readers; media people, actors, musicians, who claim to share their wealth loudly, yet, forgetting to change their lifestyles or even letting homeless people, families in need to one of their homes in the cold of the winter…

The brothers and sisters, who forgot their true identitiy, we, we are responsible for all of these aching events, sinking back lower than people before the Mosaic laws…

I truly believe, if each and every one of us let himself-herself to resonate, feel, dare to love in its real, God-given meaning, there is hope and chance for the USA, and the rest of the world. This way, the sacrifices won’t be in vain…


Have a Blessed Night and a Prosperous Life!



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