Prayer and God

Prayer is about asking for the power and the lively mind to keep going, even if we have to fast and kneel down. When we don’t have the confidence and motive to continue pursuing the goal, then we have to pray to ask for that motive. If we don’t have enough power to do what we must do, then we pray to ask God for the power to hang on to His course and will, even at the cost of our lives. Prayer is a promise and proclamation to God that you are going this way, and asking for the power to complete it. Certainly God will listen to that prayer, and urge you to go ahead.

After God sees that you will persevere until you accomplish what you promise, He will think you are trustworthy in His will. If you pray but don’t act, however, you and God will become farther and farther apart. When you pray about something and act headlong to do it, trusting that God will help you do that, it will be achieved. Your prayer is not made in meditation, but with sweat, with all your energy. Pray with the utmost confidence that you will go through any barrier. Once you have that determination, persecution will only make you more solid. If your situation becomes even worse after you pray, you must be assured that the day is getting nearer when God will answer your prayer.


Reverend Sun Myung Moon
March 29, 1981

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