Right Order Of Prayer

The primary thing you have to understand is the relationship between God and yourself. Eventually you can pray for the sake of yourself, but you have to go through the proper sequence. You don’t just throw words away and hope they will be listened to. Not at all. Rather, you have to be consistent and go along with the order of all things. You have to say, “Our Father, my goal is even beyond my family. My goal is saving this country, but before I save this country, my family has to be unified. We are having a problem of unity in our family. So please, God, I will do whatever you want me to do, but please help us establish our family in Your way.” Do you understand? You have to look at God from a very valuable position. You have to see yourself not through your own eyes but through God’s eyes, in the order that God looks at you.

Secondly, we have to understand responsibility and indemnity. If the Fall hadn’t taken place, there would be no purpose in having religion. Everyone would already be living joyously with God. But we cannot do that. We need to fulfill our five percent portion of responsibility. The individual has a certain responsibility to God, the family has a certain responsibility to God, and so on. Step by step, we have to come all the way up to the place where God originally created man to be.

Because of the Fall, Satan came into being. Satan does not want to let us go. In order to shake loose from Satan, we must do something Satan cannot do – that is, pay indemnity. Without paying indemnity, we cannot fulfill our portion of responsibility. Only by fulfilling our responsibility can we reach the world of love. So we have to pay indemnity, separate from Satan, and fulfill our portion of responsibility, in that order. Anyone in the indirect dominion must fulfill his responsibility before he can go up to the direct dominion of God. If we are accompanied by Satan, God certainly cannot accept us. We have to know this clearly or else we cannot go the path.


Lifestyle of Prayer
Reverend Sun Myung Moon
January 18, 1987

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