The question of Elijah

This presented a great dilemma for the people of Israel. They immediately asked, “If this Jesus is the Messiah, then were is Elijah?” They earnestly expected the Messiah at that time, so they were also waiting for Elijah. They believed he would come straight down from heaven, right out of the sky, and the Messiah would come soon after, in a similar manner.

So when Jesus proclaimed himself as the Son of God, the Jewish people became puzzled. If there had come no Elijah, then there could be no Messiah. And no one had told them that Elijah had come. The disciples of Jesus were also confused. When they went out to preach the gospel, people persistently denied that Jesus could be the Son of God because the disciples were unable to prove that Elijah had come. They confronted this problem everywhere they went.

The disciples of Jesus were not educated in the Old Testament. Many learned people rebuked them when they went out to preach, asking, “Do you not know the Old Testament? Do you not know the Mosaic Law?” The disciples were embarrassed when they were attacked through the verses of the Law and the prophets. One day they came back to Jesus and put the question to him:

‘. . . why do the scribes say that first Elijah must come?’ He replied, ‘Elijah does come, and he is to restore all things; but I tell you that Elijah has already come, and they did not know him, but did to him whatever they pleased. So also the Son of man will suffer at their hands’ Then the disciples understood that he was speaking to them of John the Baptist.’ (Matt. 17:10-13)

According to Jesus, John the Baptist was Elijah.

This was the truth. We have determined the truth according to the words of Jesus Christ. But the disciples of Jesus could not convince the elders and chief priests and scribes of this fact. To those men, the idea was simply ridiculous. The only authority that supported such a notion was the word of Jesus of Nazareth. That is why the testimony of John the Baptist was so crucial. But alas, John himself denied that he was Elijah when he was asked! His denial made Jesus seem to be a liar.

Read the Bible: ‘And this is the testimony of John, when the Jews sent priests and Levites from Jerusalem to ask him, ‘Who are you?’ . . . And they asked him, ‘What then? Are you Elijah?’

He said, ‘I am not.’ Are you the prophet?’ And he answered, ‘No’. (John 1:19-21)

John himself said, “I am not Elijah.” But Jesus had said, “He is Elijah.”

John made it almost impossible for the people to know that Elijah had come. But Jesus declared the truth anyway. He said,

‘ . . . if you are willing to accept it, he [John the Baptist] is Elijah who is to come’ (Matt. 11:14)

Jesus knew that most people could not accept the truth. Instead they questioned the motivation of Jesus. In order for Jesus to seem like the Messiah, Elijah had to come first, so the people thought he was lying for the purpose of his own self-aggrandizement. The Son of God became more and more misunderstood by the people.

This was such a grave situation. In those days, the influence of John the Baptist was felt in every corner of Israel. But Jesus Christ was an obscure and ambiguous figure in his society. Nobody was in a position to take Jesus’ words as the truth. This failure of John was the major cause of the crucifixion of Jesus.

John the Baptist had already seen the Spirit of God descending upon the head of Jesus Christ at the Jordan. At that time he testified:

‘I saw the Spirit descend as a dove from heaven, and it remained on him. I myself did not know him; but he who sent me to baptize with water said to me, ‘He on whom you see the Spirit descend and remain, this is he who baptizes with the Holy Spirit’ And I have seen and have borne witness that this is the Son of God.’ (John 1:32-34)

(from the book: God’s Will and the World by Reverend Dr. Sun Myung Moon)

If Israel had accepted Jesus

Now at this time we can examine another important point. What would have happened if the people of Israel had wholeheartedly accepted Jesus Christ? Imagine the nation of Israel united with Jesus. What would that have meant? First. of all, Jesus would not have been killed. People would have glorified Jesus as the living Lord. They would have then marched to Rome with the living Christ as their commander-in-chief, and Rome would have surrendered to the Son of God in his own lifetime. But in the sad reality of history, it took four centuries for a band of Jesus’ disciples to conquer Rome. Jesus never won the chosen people of Israel, and he never gained the support he needed from them. He came to erect the Kingdom of God on earth, but instead he had to caution his disciples even to keep his identity a secret because people did not accept his legitimacy as the Messiah, and he therefore lacked the power to be the king of kings.

Today we have much to learn, and we must not believe blindly. We must know the hidden truth behind the Bible. Jesus was crucified, not by his own will, but by the will of others. Rejection by the chosen people of Israel killed Jesus Christ.

Right now I am making a bold declaration. Jesus did not come to die. Jesus Christ was murdered. Let me repeat: Jesus Christ was murdered, and his own people had him killed. Even the Roman governor Pilate wanted to release Jesus. He did not find any fault with Jesus. But Christ’s own people rejected him and forced Pilate to release Barabbas instead. What a pity! What a tragedy!

This may be shocking and astounding news to you, but if you are only surprised, then you have missed my purpose. I am revealing these things because of my duty to bear witness to the truth.

It was the chosen people of Israel, the chief priests, the elders, the scribes, and the faithful, who shouted at Pilate’s court. “Crucify him!” Saint Paul said,

“None of the rulers of this age understood this; for if they had, they would not have crucified the Lord of glory” (I Cor 2:8)

The people living at the time of Jesus Christ made a terrible mistake. But do you think they were so much more ignorant and less aware than we are today? No, not at all. They learned the Old Testament word by word and memorized the Mosaic Law. Based on their understanding, Jesus did not meet the qualifications to be the Messiah.

The Jewish people were in a very difficult position. If they wanted to believe the Law and the prophets, they had to abandon the Law of Moses as they understood it. Four thousand years of tradition had been based on the Old Testament. It was very, very difficult for people to just wake up one morning, turn away from the Law, and totally accept Jesus Christ as the Son of God. Because people had their eyes riveted to the letter of the Law, the spirit of the Law simply passed them by.

Let us look into the Old Testament and examine the prophecy of Malachi:

‘. . . I will send you Elijah the prophet before the great and terrible day of the Lord comes. And he will turn the hearts of fathers to their children and the hearts of children to their fathers. . .’ (Mal. 4:5-6)

The people of Israel knew God’s promise clearly. They knew it by heart. And they expected the coming of Elijah before the Messiah appeared. When the Messiah did come, naturally they asked, “Where is Elijah?”

Elijah had been a prophet who performed miraculous works about 900 years before Christ. And it was written he ascended into heaven in a chariot of fire. Since Elijah ascended upward into heaven, he was expected to return from heaven. Did such a miracle happen before the coming of Jesus? Did the people hear any news about the arrival of Elijah? No, they did not. But what they did hear one day was the voice of Jesus Christ declaring, “I am the Son of God, the only begotten Son of God.” And Jesus spoke not timidly, but with authority and power. Such a man could not be ignored.

(from the book: God’s Will and the World by Reverend Dr. Sun Myung Moon)

The judgment of words

Therefore judgment comes by words. These words of God’s judgment will be revealed by His chosen prophets. This is the process of the ending of the world. Those who obey and listen to the new word of truth shall have life. Those who deny the word will continue to live in death.

God chose Noah to declare the word. Noah’s announcement was, “The flood is coming. The salvation is the ark.” The people could have saved themselves by listening to Noah’s words. However, the people treated Noah as if he were a crazy man, and they perished–because they opposed the word of God. According to the Bible, only the eight people of Noah’s immediate family became passengers on the ark. Only these eight believed, and only these eight were saved.

God had said to Noah,

‘I have determined to make an end of all flesh; for the earth is filled with violence through them; behold, I will destroy them with the earth.’ (Gen. 6:13)

Did this actually happen? We know the evil people perished, but was the physical world demolished in the process? No. This passage was not literally fulfilled, and God did not destroy the earth. God did eradicate the people and destroy evil the sovereignty, leaving only the good people of Noah’s family. This was God’s way to begin to restore the original world of goodness through Noah.

If God had fully consummated His restoration at that time, then we would have heard no more about the end of the world. Once the perfect world of goodness is realized, another end of the world is not necessary. Nothing could then interfere with the eternal reign of God’s perfect kingdom.

But the very fact that we anticipate the end of the world today is proof that God did not succeed at the time of Noah. What happened to Noah after the flood should be fully explained, but I cannot spend too much time on that subject tonight. To make a long story short, once again, sin crept into Noah’s family through his son, Ham. God’s flood judgment was thereby nullified, and evil human history continued until the time of Jesus Christ.

With the coming of Christ, God again attempted to end the world. Jesus came to start the new Kingdom of Heaven on earth. Thus, the first words Jesus spoke were, “Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.” Indeed, the time of Jesus Christ’s ministry was the end of the world. That great and terrible day was prophesied by Malachi, about 400 years before the birth of Jesus:

For behold, the day comes, burning like an oven, when all the arrogant and all evil-doers will be stubble; the day that comes shall burn them up, says the Lord of hosts, so that it will leave them neither root nor branch! (Mal. 4:1)

Was the judgment of Jesus Christ done by literal fire? Did the day come at the time of Jesus when everything literally turned to ashes? No, we know it did not. Since these things prophesied did not literally happen at that time, some people say that such prophecy must have been meant for the time of the Second Advent. But this cannot be the case.

John the Baptist came to the world as the last prophet; Jesus said:

‘ . . . all the prophets and the law prophesied until John . . . ‘ (Matt. 11:13)

The coming of John the Baptist should have put an end to prophecy and the Mosaic Law. This is what Jesus said would happen. The purpose of all prophecy before Jesus was to prepare for his coming, and to indicate what was to be fulfilled up to the time of his coming. These prophecies are not for the time of the Lord of the Second Advent. God sent His son Jesus into the world, intending full and perfect salvation to be accomplished. The Second Coming was made necessary only by lack of fulfillment at the time of the first coming.

Why then was the time of Jesus the end of the world? We already know the answer. It is because Jesus came to end the evil sovereignty and bring forth God’s sovereignty upon the earth. This was the end of the Old Testament age and the beginning of the age of the New Testament. Jesus brought the words of new truth.

How did the people receive the gospel which he brought? The Jewish leaders accused Jesus and had him crucified. They were prisoners to the letter of the Old Testament and could not perceive the presence of the spirit of God in the new truth. It is ironic that Jesus fell victim to the very prophecies that were to testify to him as the Son of God. By the letter of the Mosaic Law he was judged a criminal. Blindly the people nailed him to the cross.

At the time of Jesus many learned people, many leaders of churches, and many people prominent in society who were well versed in the Law and the prophets were waiting for a Messiah. How happy they would have been to have their Messiah recite the Old Testament exactly, syllable by syllable and word by word! But Jesus Christ did not come to repeat the Mosaic Law. He came to pronounce a new law of God. People missed the whole point. And Jesus was accused. The people of Israel said to him,

‘We stone you for no good work, but for blasphemy; because you, being a man, make yourself God.’ (John 10:33)

The Bible states: “And they reviled him (one of Jesus’ disciples), saying,

‘You are his disciple, but we are disciples of Moses. We know that God has spoken to Moses, but as for this man, we do not know where he comes from.’ (John 9:28-29)

This was the way they looked at Jesus. Those people who diligently obeyed the letter of the Mosaic Law disobeyed Jesus Christ. The most devout of the Jewish faithful were the first ones to be judged by Jesus.

Now at this time I would like to clarify the meaning of “judgment by fire.”

We read in the New Testament:

. . . the heavens will be kindled and dissolved, and the elements will melt with fire! (II Peter 3:12)

How can this fantastic prophecy come true? Will it happen literally? No. The statement has symbolic meaning. God would not destroy His earth, His stars, and all creation without realizing His ideal on earth. If He did so, then God would become the God of defeat. And who would be His conqueror? It would be Satan. This can never happen to God.

Even on our human level, once we determine to do something, we see it through to its completion. How much more so will God almighty accomplish His will. When God speaks of judgment by fire in the Bible, He does not mean He will bring judgment by flames. The significant meaning is a symbolic one.

Let us now consider another biblical passage which speaks of fire. Jesus proclaimed,

‘I came to cast a fire upon the earth; and would that it were already kindled!’ (Luke 12:49)

Did Jesus throw literal, blazing fire about? Of course not.

The fire in the Bible is symbolic. It stands for the word of God. This is why James 3:6 states,

“. . . the tongue is a fire . . . ”

The tongue speaks the word, and the word is from God. Jesus himself said,

‘He who rejects me and does not receive my sayings has a judge; the word that I have spoken will be his judge on the last day.” (John 12:48)

In contemporary society, the word of the court executes judgment. The word is the law. In this universe, God is in the position of judge. Jesus came as the attorney with authority to oppose Satan, the prosecutor of man. Satan accuses man with his words, but these are false charges. Jesus champions the cause of believers, and his standard is the word of truth. God pronounces the sentence: His love is the standard, and love is His word. There is no difference between the earthly court and the heavenly court, in that both conduct their trials by words, not by fire.

So the world will not be burned up by fire when it is judged. The Bible

“. . . the Lord Jesus will slay him [the evil one] with the breath of his mouth. . .” (II Thess. 2:8)

The word of God is the breath of his mouth. Jesus came to slay the wicked by the word of God, and

“. . . he shall smite the earth with the rod of his mouth, and with the breath of his lips he shall slay the wicked.” (Is. 11:4)

What then is the “rod of his mouth?” We take this symbol to mean his tongue – through which he speaks the word of God.

Let’s resolve this point completely. Look to where Jesus was instructing the people: “Truly, truly, I say to you, he who hears my word and believes Him who sent me, has eternal life; he does not come into judgment, but has passed from death to life.” John 5:24) Men pass from death to life by words of truth. God will not send you the Messiah to burn you up. He will not send you the Messiah to set your houses afire or destroy your society. But if we reject the word of God spoken by the Lord, we leave no choice open except to be condemned by judgment. Here is the reason why.

In the beginning God created man and the universe by His word-logos. Man denied the word of God and fell. Spiritual death has reigned ever since. Through His salvation work, God has been recreating man. Man fell by disobedience to God’s word, and man shall be recreated by obedience to the same word of God. The word of God is given by the Lord. Accepting the word brings life out of death. Such death is the hell in which we live. Thus the word of God is the judge, and it will bring upon you a far more profound effect than the hottest flames.

(from the book: God’s Will and the World by Reverend Dr. Sun Myung Moon)

God’s servants and prophets

Then how can we know when the end is approaching? God will not hide this moment from man; He does not suddenly bring judgment on the world without warning. God will announce the coming of the great and terrible day through his prophets. Amos 3:7 says,

‘Surely the Lord God does nothing, without revealing his secret to his servants the prophets.’

God chooses His instrument and through him God announces His plans. This has been the case throughout Bible history.

The person to be chosen as God’s prophet must be one of the people living in our evil world. But he must be a man of faith who can demonstrate that he is worthy to be used by God. He must show absolute faith. To do this he must give up all worldly success and completely separate himself from this evil world. He must purify himself by cutting off all evil attachments. He will not be popular in the evil world. God is absolute good and therefore the exact opposite of evil. That is why evil always persecutes a man of God.

Noah was such a man chosen by God and scorned by the evil world. God instructed Noah to build a ship. He sent Noah to the heights of a mountain instead of down by the riverside or to the seashore. God’s command was so ridiculous in the eyes of the evil world that many people laughed at Noah. He was ridiculed, not because people thought him a particularly funny man, but because he followed God’s instructions so faithfully. The eyes of the world could not understand the way of God. In this manner, with such implausible instructions, God could test the faith of the man he had chosen as His champion. This is what happened in Noah’s day.

And at the time of Abraham it was no different. God called Abraham, the son of an idol-maker, and commanded him, “Leave your home at once!” God does not allow for any compromise. God takes a position where evil can be totally denied. In no other way can good begin.

God has said He will start a new history, in which no element of evil will remain. God demands complete response from man. Those who follow God’s direction must begin from absolute denial of the evil world. That is why Jesus Christ taught:

‘He who finds his life will lose it, and he who loses his life for my sake will find it.’ (Matt. 10:39)

He also said,

‘. . . a man’s foes will be those of his own household.’ (Matt. 10:36)

You may ask, what kind of message is this? This is God’s way, to choose His own people and put them in a position where they will be rejected by evil. Otherwise His champion can do no good for God. From the point of view of God’s standard, then, modern Christians have been having a very easy time. This is very strange, because there is no easy way indicated in Christian teaching. I wonder how many Christians are really serious about following the path of God? God’s demand is absolute. It allows for no middle ground.

Then how can we know clearly the path of God? Let us examine the history of God’s providence. Today we are anticipating the end of the world. God has made previous attempts to end the world. For example, the time of Noah: That was a crossroads in history, when God wanted to bring an end to evil and begin the world of goodness. Noah was the central figure chosen in God’s dispensation. To better understand Noah’s mission and the meaning of the end of the world, we want to know more fully how the evil history began.

In the garden of Eden, God gave Adam and Eve a commandment. That commandment was the word of God. Then Satan approached and enticed them with a lie. And that lie was the word of evil. Adam and Eve were in a position to choose between the two words: The truth was on one side, and a lie was on the other. They chose the lie.

Because this was the process of the fall of man, at the end of the world God will give mankind truth. The words of God will come through His prophet. When man accepts the words of God he will then pass from death to life, because truth brings life. Man has died in a lie, and in truth he will be reborn.

(from the book: God’s Will and the World by Reverend Dr. Sun Myung Moon)

The wrong direction of history

Adam and Eve fell in the Garden of Eden. They were not at that time in a position to have a clear understanding of the will of God. They entered into a state of confusion and made the wrong choice. They were confronted with either obedience to God, which would have brought about the good world, or obedience to Satan, which did in fact bring about their fall. Between two clear choices, Adam and Eve made the wrong one. They brought evil into the world. God’s original intention was to create His ideal world – a good and prosperous world He determined to last for eternity. But man fell, the good world of God ended abruptly, and human history started in the wrong direction.

The history of mankind is therefore a history of evil. God sowed good seed, and He intended to harvest a good crop. But Satan stole His crop before it was ripened and reaped a harvest of evil. Human history is a crop of weeds.

Then what does the end of the world mean? Just what is going to end? Evil is going to end. God will put an end to all evil. Out of God’s new beginning will come a new opportunity for man. And the goodness God intended in His original ideal can be made real.

In the garden of Eden man fell into evil instead of developing his goodness. Man was subjugated by Satan and became the child of sin. Therefore the Bible says:

‘You are of your father the devil. . .’ (John 8:44)

If the fall of man had not occurred, then the true ruler would be God. But He is not today the king of this universe, because Satan is sitting upon God’s throne. God has to remove all results of the fall of man before He can truly reign over the world.

Now I will give you clearly the definition of the end of the world. The end of the world is the moment in history when God ends evil and begins His new age. It is the time of the cross junction between the old history of evil and the new history of good.

In light of this definition, why does the Bible predict extraordinary heavenly phenomena as signs of the end of the world? Will the things predicted really occur? The Bible says:

‘Immediately after the tribulation of those days the sun will be darkened, and the moon will not give its light, and the stars will fall from heaven, and the powers of the heavens will be shaken’ (Matt. 24:29)

What does this mean? What are we to expect?

First of all, please rest assured that these things will not happen literally. God will not destroy anything in the universe. God often expresses His truth in symbols and parables, and these biblical sayings will be accomplished symbolically. Secondly, God has no reason to destroy the universe. It is not the universe, but man who has committed sin. Only man deviated from the original plan of God’s creation. Why should God destroy the animals, or the plants, or anything in creation which fulfilled His purpose as He intended? God would not destroy those innocent things.

The Bible there says,

‘A generation goes, and a generation comes, but the earth remains forever’ (Eccl. 1:4)

But in Revelation we read:

‘Then I saw a new heaven and a new earth; for the first heaven and the first earth had passed away.. .’ (Rev. 21:1)

That new heaven and new earth refers to the coming of a new history of God, a time of new dominion. After you buy a house, won’t you move in your family and possessions? Then you will say that you have a new home, and you are the new master of the house. In the same way, when men of God occupy this universe, it will become a new heaven and a new earth.

We know that when winter ends, spring begins. But can we say at precisely what point spring starts? Who can pinpoint the exact instant of transition? You cannot know because the passage from one season to another takes place imperceptibly, quietly. The end of winter is similar to the beginning of spring, so there is no discernible moment of transition.

At what moment does the old day end and a new day begin? Although the change occurs in darkness, there is no doubt that we do go from one day to the next. The change is unnoticeable at first, but it is also inevitable and irrevocable. Although three billion people live on earth, not one among them can point to the exact moment when the old day passes and the new day begins. So we understand that from the human point of view we cannot always know the precise moment things happen. But God knows when winter passes into spring, and God knows when night opens into day. And God can point to the transition into new history.

Our step into new history is like a glorious dawn emerging out of the blackest night. The crossing point between good and evil is not obvious. You will not notice it when it happens, but it will definitely take place, just as surely as the sun will rise tomorrow.

(from the book: God’s Will and the World by Reverend Dr. Sun Myung Moon)

We Are Bereft of Motivation and Purpose

It is a common saying that men come and go. This applies even to the greatest men and has been so since time immemorial. The movement of history and the morals of heaven continue to apply to us even at this moment, and you must be aware of it. We shall come and go ourselves.

We know very well the reality that we come to this world, struggle, and eventually go somehow. If that is so, what are we here for and where do we go from here? This is the very issue that numerous philosophers or religious men have tried to resolve and failed to. Human history is tainted with the grief of such continuing failure.

We live in a time of tension. You cannot deny that we are walking the inevitable path of life. We are born into the world of our parents, a world we never knew. As we get older and weaker, we are destined to die. It is sad but true that we cannot keep our youth forever and avoid aging. Even great men cannot escape from this. Thinking of this, you must have felt the urge to throw your arms in the air in frustration and displeasure at least a couple of times in your life.

Why was I brought into this world? Why do I have to live on? Where am I headed? You should never allow yourself to think that you were born by your own will. We are ignorant of the motivation and purpose of our being. In other words, we were born, live, and die in spite of our wishes. Then what is there to be proud of? We have no control over our birth, our possessions or our death; thus any attempt to show off is tragic. Once born, we are destined to live and then die.

What is the purpose of such a process? You need to think about this once again. The motivation does not come from oneself, therefore, the purpose must not be only for oneself. Who would not wish to be happy and live in glory? Anyone would, but “I” am not in control. It is “I” who wants to be proud and free. It is also “I” who determines the crossroad of God’s heart.

We are always asking for something bigger, a better life and higher worth, even though we have nothing to do with our being in this world. Since this is so, is it for myself or for some purpose relative to myself?

You must know the answer. I dare you to raise your hand and say that it is for myself. When you were born of your parents’ flesh and blood, did you really want it yourself? Although my parents gave birth to me, I am a living body apart from my parents and my fate is not in my parents’ hands. Then who has power over me? When you figure out who the man of power is, that will be the day you can be joyful. Unfortunately, these days people are struggling to overcome this standard. Let’s not forget that we are such people.

Hence, we pursue something bigger in our mind. We also want to realize a connection to a bigger and more amazing world of life, pushing the power of death throughout life. Furthermore, God’s heart of love is making us closer to the eternal world of Heart by going beyond the human world of heart. You may not be able to explain and verify this; however, you are often being led by such feelings. The clearer your conscience, the more you feel that something is urging you to desert this world of contradiction.

Our life is passing regardless. Moving without an objective is such a terrible thing. In the desert, traveling straight means you can go a long way. Unless you move your feet exactly straight, you are bound to wind up making a circle in the long run.

Try rowing a boat on a sea or lake. To go from one point to another, you need to have a triangular frame of mind instead of a straight line. Rowing puts you on a meandering path. Drawing from the rowing experience, “I” am alive and going somewhere; however, I am not sure of the direction.” That is why we have to operate on three points between the starting point and the point of destination. This way you are guaranteed a path close to a straight line. This argument is valid.

(from the book: The Way for Young People by Reverend Dr. Sun Myung Moon)

Prosperous Life

We all long for a safe, peaceful, healthy and interesting, various place to dwell, a world of friendships, tolerance and acceptance. However, the attempts to realize and create these ideals always were lack of mutual agreements and common values.

What are we aiming?

Humans tend to have individualistic viewpoints, even when we claim to stand for others, it is always only certain people, others are out of it, opposed or opposing. Certainly, it is a mere misconcept to believe, unity means being exactly the same.

How can we define the common grounds and the values of individual characters?

First of all, nothing in the Creation is boring, nothing is repeated, not even a leave, grass or animal. It is true for the humanity, too, there have never ever been two exactly same faces, characters and never will be. Natural similarities and diversities occur in and out, only for discovering every and any shades of life.

As with the light, we can see certain length, knowing the vast majority is beyond our direct perception. Human thoughts, ideals, attitudes, outlooks, habits are all the same differences: belonging to the very same realm of existence.

Then, should these differences outcast each other?

It’s been a seemingly ever existed understanding of natural way of fights and struggles, sometimes associated with survival or evolution. Looking around in the Universe, we can find the very fact of supporting systems, though. As we are built from the same elements as the sorrounding world, we can not claim to be different from it. Existence and prosperity, free and liberated multiplication occur in systems and subsystems of life what benefit each other. Only we, humans tend to misuse the giving receiving actions resulting self-consuming energy instead of perpetual one.

Is it our original purpose, being doomed and die after experiencing and achieving a part of love and life we dreamt of?

Since our purposes are so short term, it is a challenge to see beyond human history what was always full with rage, hatred, one-sided happiness and short term joy, with unreachable manifestation of eternal intellectual, emotional and external welfare. We are descendants of a declining civilization and our heritage is mostly rooted in enmity, misuse, abuse. Beside this, each and every one of us shares an unsuppressable desire for the utopia of Ideal World.

We are not doomed for struggles and hardships, wars and tortures, inequalities. We are to discover our true selves, improve it, grow, supporting and helping each other with care, and attendance. None of us will be ever truly joyful up until the very last of humanity will change and share the colorful manifestation of True Love.

Who will lead us out from this shady path of life?

Naturally, someone, who exists beyond time and space, who has always been here for us, who is able to forgive the cruelty and selfishness resulted narrow-minded barbarism towards His heart. Who is a parent of each and every one of us, a completed, matured being who is longing and looking for us, among tears of pain and sometimes joy.

God, our Heavenly Parent.


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