We Are Bereft of Motivation and Purpose

It is a common saying that men come and go. This applies even to the greatest men and has been so since time immemorial. The movement of history and the morals of heaven continue to apply to us even at this moment, and you must be aware of it. We shall come and go ourselves.

We know very well the reality that we come to this world, struggle, and eventually go somehow. If that is so, what are we here for and where do we go from here? This is the very issue that numerous philosophers or religious men have tried to resolve and failed to. Human history is tainted with the grief of such continuing failure.

We live in a time of tension. You cannot deny that we are walking the inevitable path of life. We are born into the world of our parents, a world we never knew. As we get older and weaker, we are destined to die. It is sad but true that we cannot keep our youth forever and avoid aging. Even great men cannot escape from this. Thinking of this, you must have felt the urge to throw your arms in the air in frustration and displeasure at least a couple of times in your life.

Why was I brought into this world? Why do I have to live on? Where am I headed? You should never allow yourself to think that you were born by your own will. We are ignorant of the motivation and purpose of our being. In other words, we were born, live, and die in spite of our wishes. Then what is there to be proud of? We have no control over our birth, our possessions or our death; thus any attempt to show off is tragic. Once born, we are destined to live and then die.

What is the purpose of such a process? You need to think about this once again. The motivation does not come from oneself, therefore, the purpose must not be only for oneself. Who would not wish to be happy and live in glory? Anyone would, but “I” am not in control. It is “I” who wants to be proud and free. It is also “I” who determines the crossroad of God’s heart.

We are always asking for something bigger, a better life and higher worth, even though we have nothing to do with our being in this world. Since this is so, is it for myself or for some purpose relative to myself?

You must know the answer. I dare you to raise your hand and say that it is for myself. When you were born of your parents’ flesh and blood, did you really want it yourself? Although my parents gave birth to me, I am a living body apart from my parents and my fate is not in my parents’ hands. Then who has power over me? When you figure out who the man of power is, that will be the day you can be joyful. Unfortunately, these days people are struggling to overcome this standard. Let’s not forget that we are such people.

Hence, we pursue something bigger in our mind. We also want to realize a connection to a bigger and more amazing world of life, pushing the power of death throughout life. Furthermore, God’s heart of love is making us closer to the eternal world of Heart by going beyond the human world of heart. You may not be able to explain and verify this; however, you are often being led by such feelings. The clearer your conscience, the more you feel that something is urging you to desert this world of contradiction.

Our life is passing regardless. Moving without an objective is such a terrible thing. In the desert, traveling straight means you can go a long way. Unless you move your feet exactly straight, you are bound to wind up making a circle in the long run.

Try rowing a boat on a sea or lake. To go from one point to another, you need to have a triangular frame of mind instead of a straight line. Rowing puts you on a meandering path. Drawing from the rowing experience, “I” am alive and going somewhere; however, I am not sure of the direction.” That is why we have to operate on three points between the starting point and the point of destination. This way you are guaranteed a path close to a straight line. This argument is valid.

(from the book: The Way for Young People by Reverend Dr. Sun Myung Moon)

Prosperous Life

We all long for a safe, peaceful, healthy and interesting, various place to dwell, a world of friendships, tolerance and acceptance. However, the attempts to realize and create these ideals always were lack of mutual agreements and common values.

What are we aiming?

Humans tend to have individualistic viewpoints, even when we claim to stand for others, it is always only certain people, others are out of it, opposed or opposing. Certainly, it is a mere misconcept to believe, unity means being exactly the same.

How can we define the common grounds and the values of individual characters?

First of all, nothing in the Creation is boring, nothing is repeated, not even a leave, grass or animal. It is true for the humanity, too, there have never ever been two exactly same faces, characters and never will be. Natural similarities and diversities occur in and out, only for discovering every and any shades of life.

As with the light, we can see certain length, knowing the vast majority is beyond our direct perception. Human thoughts, ideals, attitudes, outlooks, habits are all the same differences: belonging to the very same realm of existence.

Then, should these differences outcast each other?

It’s been a seemingly ever existed understanding of natural way of fights and struggles, sometimes associated with survival or evolution. Looking around in the Universe, we can find the very fact of supporting systems, though. As we are built from the same elements as the sorrounding world, we can not claim to be different from it. Existence and prosperity, free and liberated multiplication occur in systems and subsystems of life what benefit each other. Only we, humans tend to misuse the giving receiving actions resulting self-consuming energy instead of perpetual one.

Is it our original purpose, being doomed and die after experiencing and achieving a part of love and life we dreamt of?

Since our purposes are so short term, it is a challenge to see beyond human history what was always full with rage, hatred, one-sided happiness and short term joy, with unreachable manifestation of eternal intellectual, emotional and external welfare. We are descendants of a declining civilization and our heritage is mostly rooted in enmity, misuse, abuse. Beside this, each and every one of us shares an unsuppressable desire for the utopia of Ideal World.

We are not doomed for struggles and hardships, wars and tortures, inequalities. We are to discover our true selves, improve it, grow, supporting and helping each other with care, and attendance. None of us will be ever truly joyful up until the very last of humanity will change and share the colorful manifestation of True Love.

Who will lead us out from this shady path of life?

Naturally, someone, who exists beyond time and space, who has always been here for us, who is able to forgive the cruelty and selfishness resulted narrow-minded barbarism towards His heart. Who is a parent of each and every one of us, a completed, matured being who is longing and looking for us, among tears of pain and sometimes joy.

God, our Heavenly Parent.


Joshua Dragon

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