When a seed is planted

Therefore, we see that the original world is the world of harmony, unity, and cooperation. The original seed is formed through complementary relationships. From the original seed come the leaves, trunk and branches of the tree. This is logical. But if instead everything developed according to the concept of the dialectic, wherever seeds were sown, the result would be war. Thus we would see war against the soil, war against rain, war against the rocks, war against sunshine. But that’s not the way nature works.

When a seed is planted, all things in the environment – the soil, moisture and sunshine – try to assist the seed to fulfill its purpose and become a tree. When a seed is dropped on the ground, do all the elements in the soil say, “We are the proletariat. You, the bourgeoisie, came into the ground to exploit us. We can’t stand you. Get out of here”? Does a demonstration occur? No, absolutely not. They welcome the seed, “Mr. Seed, please come and dwell with us. We’ll give you food and moisture. We’ll love you and take care of you so that you can grow into a tree.” Nature embraces and elevates, saying to the seed, “How wonderful you are!” not, “How miserable you are! Get out of here, you rascal.”


The Original World and the Enemy World
Reverend Sun Myung Moon
February 1, 1983

SMM Quotes – 141

“What does man’s original mind desire? Does it seek struggle, confrontation, opposition, and separation? The original foundation of the universe is filled with the desire for unity, cooperation and harmony. This desire is the original spirit of the original mind and is where all things began. Any constructive movement begins from this point. Thus the spirit of the original mind always seeks unity, harmony and cooperation. The original mind can only move toward these qualities of relationship.” – Sun Myung Moon

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