The Standard for the Citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven: Truth, Life and Love

There is nothing on the earth that can push out the life and love of God. Moreover, the closer we come to the truth, the more we are intoxicated in the truth, the more that truth will become the center which cannot be snatched from us. Even if the earth is put through confusion many thousand times, even if the universe is destroyed, those who have firmly established that center in their minds will never change and never be affected.

However, if you have not made the preparations in your minds to receive that center, then no matter how great a truth appears before you, you will not be able to recognize it. Even if true life appears, you will not recognize it; even if true love appears, you will not recognize it. From this point of view, we can understand that, if Christianity today wants to find the truth, true life and true love, it must abandon itself till the end and become a religion that establishes the center of the mind that none can take away from them.

Until now, people thought that the earth was expanding because new continents have been discovered, but on contrary, it is shrinking every day. In other words, when civilization was not yet developed, the world seemed to be a vast place, but as history progresses and civilization develops the world seems to be increasingly narrower place. When we consider this, we can understand that the ideal world that will be realized through the works of the truth will be the universal era when everything will have a direct relationship with each of us. Consequently, the standard for the citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven must be materialized in your minds; in other words, the life and love of the Kingdom of Heaven must bear fruit in yourself.

Because truth, life and love are like one family, love and life must follow truth, and life and truth must also follow love. The same thing is true for life; there, love and truth must also follow.

Why are truth, life and love connected in that way? As you know, in order for one being to exist, centering on that being, there has to be above and below, front and back, and left and right. Anything that exists cannot liberate itself from these three realms. This is the basic structure of existence. Although these three things come together to form one united shape, if the force moves in the opposite direction, then forces that are different from the original ones will appear.

Accordingly, although God is originally a being of love, life and truth, after the fall when human being could not form the balanced triangular structure of love, life and truth, God could not exercise His powers. You must understand this. However, by choosing Abraham and connecting the three points into one, in other words as the three points line up in the straight line to the left and the right, the base on which God can dwell was created. Moreover, when Jesus and the Holy Spirit appear in the place of love, life and truth, that base secured its sense of direction and became closer to the whole earth. To put it another way, when they were lined up in a straight line, there was a long distance between them, but when that line is curved the distance is shortened. In this sense, Jesus and the Holy Spirit are acting as the bridge that connect God and man.

What is the good news in the movement for the restoration of the Kingdom of Heaven? It is the fact that human beings who could not directly receive the grace of God can do so by the virtue of Jesus’ coming, which caused the relationship between God and man on a straight line to curve and bridge the distance between. Moreover, Jesus allowed us to possess substantial content based on which God can operate. He made it possible for human beings to become one with God and become the external body of operation. Jesus is the one who came to do this work.

When we think about this, for the human beings who must look upon the ideology of the Kingdom of Heaven from afar, the love of Jesus and the Holy Spirit that is present nearby, in the front, back, left, and right, is surely the universal gospel. When someone grabs hold of the most valuable force in the universe, by the principles of the universe, the power of life that connects with the power of the universe will reach that person. This being the case, that person will develop in four directions as a being of life, and can feel the love that connects the four directions. Love brings harmony to things and causes actions that form unified bodies.

We are the Ones Who Must Possess the Key to the Kingdom of Heaven
Reverend Sun Myung Moon
March 17, 1957


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