The Mindset Needed to Become Citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven

We who are in the last days, for us who face the day of the judgment, the problem is not the accomplishment, glory or ideals that we have, but seeking the true self, centering on the mind. When the time comes, the internal truth will surely reveal itself, and the internal life and love will manifest on this earth without fail.

Human beings, until now, have been ignorant, unable to distinguish the truth, true life and true love. Because they do not have any other solution, they try to proceed based on their understanding, try to feel things with the senses of life they possess, and to figure things out with the love that they possess, but they have not been successful in making the distinction. Similarly, when truth, life and love appear on earth in the last days, human beings will repeat the same thing. With such methods, the distinction cannot be made. Before you strive to understand the earth, world and universe that you do not know, you must first struggle to fathom your original natures that you have failed to see.

Consequently, you who are in the last days must pour oil on your head and enter the secret chamber to sever all worldly connections and relationships. Based on your heart, you must build a relationship with God. Having made the final resolution on life and death, you must become the children of God who can light the candle of truth and with the most sincere heart say, “I have established, as the eternal center of life, center of truth, and center of love, all these things that cause the continual progress of love.” Without doing this, there is no way for Heaven to make a relationship with us first. This is due to the way of the laws of the universe.

As for the flow of electricity, many of you might think that it flows from the positive end to the negative end, but in reality, it flows from the negative end to the positive end. Because of the way that the principles of the universe are, all things are created to seek God and make a relationship with God. Accordingly, in regards to the severed relationship between God and man, God cannot make the connection from His side first. So, God stands in the position where He has to make a detour and push us from behind.

Although Jesus and the Holy Spirit are at work, they cannot come in front of you and lead you from the front. Because their love is pushing from behind, you must receive that love. Because this is invisible, human beings are not clearly aware of it.

Now the time is approaching the last days, but even when the last days are near, your hearts must not become anxious. At that time, no matter how great your living conditions are and no matter how luxurious and proud a life you might be boasting before the world, you must understand that the agony in heart will increase proportionally.

Then, what must we do in this moment when the last days are approaching? When the center of the whole universe appears, you must make preparations in your hearts to receive him. In other words, you must be able to attend Christ, who is the center and the base of the universe, in your hearts.

If you serve Christ substantially in your hearts, then the feelings that you feel within Christ will become the eternal pillar of life, the eternal bedrock of truth, and the eternal base on which you can life up the signal fire of love. The center of truth is in no other place than inside our hearts.

Is there anyone among you who wants to possess the heart of the Lord? If you are determined to abandon, in one second, your position of which you have been in charge for ten years, and abandon, in one second, all the accomplishments you have spent your lifetime working for, then, in the last days, you can escape the fearful judgment.

Our teacher also does not reside in other place. Heaven does not dwell in other place. Our mind is the teacher of the truth. You must understand that our minds are closer than Jesus.

Although we might not possess anything, when we possess the truth that represents all things in the universe and the historical tradition and live our lives according to that truth, then God will dwell in our minds and rejoice. We will also be delighted, so we must strive heartistically to possess that truth. Unless we do that, we cannot serve God. If you relate to all things from the position of God, then you will enter the realm in which you can feel and experience all the universal life, truth and love.

When you feel this reality, then you will understand the fundamental content of the truth in that realm, understand the content of life, and feel the ideal stimulation of love. What is more, when we receive the gospel that Jesus proclaimed, the truth that Jesus taught, and the life element of Jesus and firmly establish them as the eternal root of our minds, then no matter what kind of universal, evil element infiltrates us, we can chase it out. If you can do that, lamentation and agony will no longer be problems for us. Moreover, even if lamentation and agony remain within us, we can easily overcome them.

We are the Ones Who Must Possess the Key to the Kingdom of Heaven
Reverend Sun Myung Moon
March 17, 1957


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