On a day when billions remember and praise the resurrection of Jesus, is there anything, what can be told as a personal, vivid and true-to-life thought?

Jesus’ example brought the final stage of the culture of forgiveness, the highest level.

Although, He has proved all in His life, starting as a child, how to forgive and act, change and change again to win the heart of others and this way being unchanging in Heart, He faced opposition. Was His agony and death any different from His all life? His everyday battles before and during his ministry? His attitude was unchanging, His Heart was unchanging, His Love was the utmost as well in words as in deeds. However, He had to face with resentment, denial, scorning, accusations, lies and falsity, all in His life. As much as He could teach about God, Heavenly Father, as high the stakes was, and He had to offer more and more indemnity. How could He forgive at all, during and after all the suffering and tribulation?

With action. Ceaseless actions for others, as the embodiment of the “living for the sake of others”. Because forgiveness is not only saying sorry. It is always a promise not doing that again, and indemnify, offering something simbolically, equal or higher value. And because noone did it, He took others’ responsibility and offered real indemnity, all in His life, since the childhood.

Is taking responsibility, indemnity, being a living offering a comfortable thing? Not at all. It is always like dying spiritually and seeing no way out, and then, without any expectations receiving anything in return, willingly “die”. This is the way how to be reborn, this is how God, Heavenly Father can accept us and our heartistic desire. Naturally, after a promise, offering, we cannot go back, cannot continue living like before. And that is really a challenge, since our character, our nature has less to do with the unchanging, eternal, heavenly values.

The culture of forgiveness is what we all must, should and need to practice with each other, with strangers, and with ourselves. Our life must resemble to Jesus’ offering. We are able to do that, and this way, we can be reborn, and live again, in a much completed, more beautiful way, closer to God, our Heavenly Father.

Be Blessed and Be Blessings to Others!


Joshua Dragon


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