SMM Quotes – 123

When we finish our life here on earth and go to the spirit world, our entire life will unfold before us, as though it were being played back on videotape. Whether we go to heaven or to hell is determined by how we live. So we need to live spotlessly clean lives, casting not even the smallest shadow. – Sun Myung Moon

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  1. I hope you don’t mind if I share something here. In my experiences, in which there have been many, humanity as a whole does not have a true understanding of high or low vibration, energy or light, because Lucifer is a prince of light, of deception. It is very difficult to discern guidance from deception because there is such a mixture of both in this plane. When we are gentle examples of unconditional love, then our lives become a testimony to those who are searching. It is impossible to be perfect, but quite possible to be our best selves, through prayer and in the quiet spaces. That is how I find peace during these changing times. Blessings for your journey in the coming year.

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