Good Day

Merely hearing about a good day makes us feel good. Without exception all men are looking forward to living good lives, but who is going to decide what is a good day? No matter how many good things are going on around you, unless you are feeling good yourself you do not think it is a good day. Our conclusion is that you are the one who decides what is a good day.

A good feeling is correspondent, needing to be reciprocated. No matter how good you are, you don’t really feel good unless the environment responds to you. Upon waking up in the morning the surrounding atmosphere gives you a certain feeling or mood. Something may uplift you and then you feel good, or nature may communicate with you and you feel happy.

The beauty of nature is not just horizontal, however, but is also vertical. Sunshine beams down upon the earth and creates vertical beauty. When you look at a broad river stretching away before you, you feel absolutely expansive and want to breathe the universe. Yet all these factors alone cannot make one really happy.

Joy cannot be stimulated only by seeing objects. Viewing the river and the sunshine cannot fully stimulate your joy. If at the same time your ears perceive beautiful music or sounds of nature then the visual beauty will be greatly enhanced. If you are gazing at beautiful sights and all of a sudden you hear beautiful music then your eyes are pulled in the direction of the music, right?

Which of the two is more stimulating? Why music? Music is another expression of visible nature, capturing the essence of human joy and sorrow. Human passion can be conveyed by music and generate a certain mysterious feeling of inspiration in the listener. People drive three or four hours to get out of the city for a picnic on the 4th of July, looking for a beautiful, natural setting. Yet even then they carry a radio or Sony TV. Why? It is human nature not only to seek the beauty of nature but to pursue stimulating sounds of music as well. Without it we are not complete. Smell is another stimulus to reach one more level of awakening.

However, even if your vision is satisfied by beauty and your ears by beautiful music and your nose by beautiful fragrance, what happens when all of a sudden someone appears with whom you can share your joy? That stimulating relationship comes first; when you have someone you really want to talk with then everything else becomes secondary.

When you have someone you can relate to with love then it is not only your mouth which is speaking. Your entire body is involved in your conversation. When you communicate with a passionate heart, your entire body and soul are totally mobilized to express yourself. You cannot just talk, but want to gesture with your arms and move around and look at everything. That is what makes your expression more genuine.

Good Day
Reverend Sun Myung Moon
July 3, 1977

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