Love of Nature (1)

The Nature is our second self.

It always should be, in every tiny details in our lives. The interconnected, vividly living creatures can be our greatest teachers. Even insects and glaciers, salmons and nesting birds show us more maturity, more wisdom, than most of the times we do.

We cannot live in a brochure, cleanness does not mean to have nicely polished, empty furniture, filtered air and bottled water. The healthy, enriching way of life is for the others, with no expectations to receive anything back, when the joy of others gives us happiness.

Our resonance with the Nature, our harmony is our health, our balance, our thoughts, our mind and heart.

Love of Nature - 1

Love of Nature - 2

Love of Nature - 3

Find the inner self in the Nature. It leads you to tranquility. A silence, what is full of warmth and love. From there, you will be able to find the path towards Heaven.


SMM Quotes – 120

A wife who is determined to share a common destiny with her husband is a true wife. A husband who goes everywhere with his wife in love is a true husband. Furthermore, true men are those who are willing to share a common prosperity with others. They should be able to say, “Eternally I am yours, and you are mine. My life is for you and your life is for me. My love is your love and your love is my love.” Eternal relationship and joy spring from the understanding that within true love, there is no place for the concept of possession. True love transcends the entire idea of possessing and is ready to pass on everything. – Sun Myung Moon

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