What is true never perishes

What is true never perishes; it keeps growing. Therefore, you have no reason to despair, knowing that there is God, the subject, who will take absolute responsibility for whatever you leave behind for His sake. He will find the people who are willing to inherit the tradition of your commitment and expand it to the world.

You don’t need to seek praise and approval from other people nor feel bad because no one appreciates your efforts. Look at a tree that is just about to bring forth new shoots in the spring. Doesn’t it look lonesome somehow? Who would imagine that one day this lonely plant will grow to be a towering tree and that many birds will come and make their nests in it? A tree grows silently to maturity, but when the time is ripe, it naturally bears fruit, which the entire universe will then be able to appreciate. If this is true of a humble tree, how much more is it true of men and women, who are laying the foundation of goodness for the future of the world?

You may not have been able to accomplish all the pledges that you made for the fulfillment of God’s will; then you must say to your children, “Are you willing to take up the task that I left unaccomplished?” Who can deny that your children will come up to you and, with a heart of tears, pledge before you that they will do it? Therefore, you must always be careful to walk the right path. Never be proud of yourself. The Kingdom of Heaven expands just as I have explained. You must pray that the love of God will dwell in your family. Didn’t Jesus also say so? Where there are two or three persons joining their hearts as one, there God dwells. That is where we find the right of the sharing of life, the sharing of the positions, and the sharing of the heritage. The more you give to something, the greater it grows.

Let God Stand Right In Front
Reverend Sun Myung Moon
January 1, 1988

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