Faith-lift of the Heart

Although many plastic surgeries give the promises of artificial beauty, relying on our longing for eternal existence, and we always get back to the anti-aging in several well-commerced ways, how do we provide the necessary nourishment to our heart, our soul and mind?

Thoughts, determined by the news, feeds, trends, fashions, neighbours, friends, colleagues and so on, lead us emotions and result in deeds. So, what’s in our mind, inevitably will have its performance in our everyday life, at last.

Being believers, and frankly, we all believe in some ways, somehow we struggle distinguishing our political views and our life of faith, many times we forget or simply unable to implement the law of love in our work-life. We do pray at the dinner table but forget to forgive and comfort others in the times of grief and sorrow; even we tend to skip being gratitude for the smaller or greater Blessings in our life. We say sorry as a child as we start to understand the differences between good and bad and we don’t stop apologizing as adults, by the time we have certain knowledge of at least the relative good and bad. We claim we learn, however less and less innocence remains in us and we chase our purity in the dust of life…

So, do we learn at all?

As the merit of the age, science can give us fantastic medical help, both oriental and western, even combination of the two. Interestingly, instead of understanding our purpose and direction of life, we regularly re-create ourselves – externally. A face-lift, a skin smoothing injection, an implant and so on, everything is available in a wide palette. In some ways we feel to keep our job, self-esteem this way. Honestly, how often do we care others on the Earth, to whom we could help, donating our money, efforts, time, saving them, lifting them up with the supply of basic needs such as water, food, clothes, shelter, education, medical aid? Maybe the signals of these mostly emergency calls are coming from a different planet.
We make comfort in our and our beloved ones’ life and if there is no risk for that, we reach out, responding to our conscience…

Have we ever put down idolizing money and wealth, to challenge a political leadership, the business field, the economy sector and the very neighbourhood? There are no ‘others’ in the eye of God, as we don’t and can’t make any real differences among our children. If we are supposed to be the owner of the Creation, how do we do that? Can we really see and likewise act for others than us and the people in our good relationships? If we are made of His image, we must have the abilities to re-create and uphold what our ancestors lost.
Sure, we can have doubts; we can be luck of skills and knowledge, too. But we have the ability, the potential to grow, uniting our mind and body for a holier purpose, for the others, with no expectations to receive anything back. Yes, we are not socialized, educated, trained for this way of thinking.

Well, did Abraham, Jacob, Moses, and Jesus have internet to communicate, to organize, to care, to help? Did the great saints and prophets have social media? Obviously not. Did they have a similar life-expectancy as we do? Their only resource was their heart, their connection with God, living an ever-longing life.
They did not care about being shabby, helping and saving others were utmost important. Without cars, planes, press, Jesus could positively turn this fallen world upside down. And we, who can easily have knowledge about everything, hesitate, or just bored, annoyed and denying the facts of sick, poor, diseased, massacred, chased, raped? Starving? Dying in thirst? Contaminated by the waste of our own life?

What kind of mirror do we use every day?

Are we really just looking for the wrinkles to hide them away?

Instead of implants, injections, face-lift we should re-connect ourselves with our genuine heart and after that God.

Faith-lift in our heart.

That’s what the world and our future need.


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