God is Taking Responsibility

With God, when you beg for forgiveness, His heart will be open, and He will feel like forgiving you. When God is taking the responsibility to Himself if you come to Him begging for forgiveness, will He not accept it? When you leave everything to God He will feel like forgiving you; furthermore, if you beg Him to forgive and bless you, He will feel like giving every blessing to you after forgiving you. If you ask God to defend you against the attack coming from your enemy, well, God will do that in order to help you in your difficult situation. You being in the fallen world, if God is there-the God of sympathy, the God of forgiveness-then how grateful you must be. However ugly we are as sinners, and however rebellious we have been towards God, if and when we know that there is the God of responsibility, the God of sympathy and the God of forgiveness there as our Father, we must be very grateful, we must praise Him, and we must glorify Him. We can do this in the hope and in the thought of His being our Father always, prepared to forgive us. That is how God is a being of goodness and subjectivity.

God is taking responsibility for the person for whom He cannot take the responsibility. God is ready to sympathize with you when you don’t deserve His sympathy. God is ready to forgive you when you don’t deserve that. So, you cannot but be grateful to Him. That is what makes God God. God must love you. Do you understand? History will prove that we can know that God has been a God of responsibility, forgiving men all through human history. If God was indignant at the human fall, and instead of forgiving man had annihilated or nullified him then there could be no single man remaining on Earth.

If there’s anyone here who is so confident as to think that your ancestors could have remained on Earth because they have sinned less hold up your hand. None of you is so confident. Thus we can state that God is the source of goodness, always ready to forgive others. This is our discovery this morning. If there be anyone on this Earth who will take responsibility for others and is sympathetic with them, and is ready to forgive them while he or she is not really in the position to be able to do that, then we can well say that that person is in the position of sister or brother to God or even His twin! When we study and examine the passed-away saints and sages in human history, has there ever been such a man who had been like this? However closely we study great persons of the past, even George Washington, we cannot find those qualities in the ultimate sense. He may have taken responsibility for his people, but is what I said true or not? True or false? True or not? What about Abraham Lincoln? What about Buddha? What about Confucius? Jesus? When Jesus was crucified on the cross, he took full responsibility for fallen man and he was in the position where he can say that he was fully responsible. When he was nailed down by the Roman soldiers, he thought he had to take the responsibility, because they were ignorant of who he was and that’s why he was being killed by them; he was sympathetic with them and he was ready to forgive them. That’s why he prayed for them, before God. From this point, we can recognize him as being qualified. Isn’t that true? All through human history we cannot find any one such as Jesus Christ who is qualified enough for that position. That’s why God could even identify with Jesus; he resembled God so much that God could call him brother, friend or anything. Finally, He called him His son. That’s why God would want to have fallen men gather together, centering around the personage of Jesus Christ; through him mankind could be saved. That’s why we can call Jesus the saint of all the saints. There’s no doubt that all men of the Earth can respect Jesus and worship him, because he’s the only such man. Can you understand? Do you really want to become God’s children?

Human Relationships
Reverend Sun Myung Moon
March 9,1975

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