Teachings on Meditation – 4

In the mind there is a door, called the door to the mind. God enters through that door. That door does not open only to one direction. Since the mind is in motion, the door is also in motion. For God (plus) to enter through this door, we should relate to Him as a minus (object partner). Yet if our direction is slightly off, even by just a degree, the door will not open.

There indeed exists a door to the mind of each human being. You can discern it in your prayers. The feeling you get when you pray changes depending upon the time of day. Praying at 1:00 a.m. has a different feeling than praying at 3:00 a.m. Try it yourself, and you will sense the difference. If you pray in a deep mysterious state, you will feel different depending upon what time you are praying. The feelings of your prayers in the morning, in the afternoon and in the evening are all different.

The same is with the state of our mind. Our emotions change with the seasons, our feelings towards our loved ones change; in such ways the world of the mind is constantly changing. That is why we need to discover the best time to pray. You need to pray when your spiritual senses are keen, so your sensitivity to God will be high. As you enter deeper and deeper into a state of feeling connected to God, you will eventually reach the door to the mind.

The door to your mind connects with the door to God’s mind. Once it opens, the way unfolds to experience God’s feelings.

What should you do to enter such a state? You should cultivate your mind. First, examine the state of your mind. It was originally to be at the zero point, but because of the Fall its direction has deviated by 180 degrees. Although your mind is supposed to rest at the zero point, because of the Fall it behaves randomly and unpredictably. Your first task is to return it to the original point.

Since we are 180 degrees opposite the zero point, we should struggle to turn around in a clockwise direction. As we move in this direction seeking the zero point, we will feel a minus-like sensation. Nevertheless, most people are inclined to go counterclockwise. Yet going in that direction they will not succeed, even if they continue for a thousand years. Everyone must return to the zero point…

If your mind is deviated from the path by a certain angle, you should adjust your mind’s direction by the opposite angle and return it to the proper course… Each of us has a good mind and an evil mind. You may think that your mind is always good, it is not so. As a result of the Fall, human beings are contaminated by Satan’s realm of evil minds. We struggle to remain in the realm of good minds.

For this reason, what is most important is to find the zero point and reach the door to the mind. Learning how to do this is crucial in our life of faith. Therefore, you should learn to discern when is the right moment to open the door to your mind and how to match it to the door of God’s mind.

Reverend Sun Myung Moon
February 2, 1975

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