The Mission of Religion in Cultivating the Person of Character Who Can Govern the Cosmos

If you wish to go in front of God by elevating your value, you should listen to the words of the Lord. You should respond to God’s longing heart and possess a mind of longing for God by experiencing the value of the original person in the original garden. How much joy God would feel if such a person came forth.

Longing cannot occur without love. That love should be God’s love, which is the origin of eternal rest and eternal life, not human love. Therefore, out of all the religions, Christianity tries to fulfill that mission as the religion of love. The purpose of religion is to cultivate a person of character who can utilize the laws of the world of the heart and who has the authority to govern the emotions of life and all the principles of the cosmos.

God has been accomplishing the dispensation by setting the standard of heart which longs for us, humankind, while we have been like wooden statues throughout the six thousand years. History has changed in all kinds of ways; however, God has never lost that heart of constant longing for humankind from the position of the Alpha and the Omega. If someone has a gap between his and God’s heart, then he would be a loser and a failure in history. God’s statement, “I am the Alpha and the Omega, the before and the after, the beginning and the end,” is a grateful statement. We should realize that God longs for fallen people, His longing intensified by His sorrow.

God has not forsaken the mind which longs, the insignificant body of this fallen person who brought a wound to His original heart. He continues to hold on. If there is a person who truly feels that God is longing for fallen humanity, holding the scar of sorrow, he will surely go to heaven. I once prayed like this: “Father, I wish to be a person who can cry out with longing for my own hands.” God would be hoping for such a person. If God can hold my hand with His true love, I should be a person who can cry, holding onto my hand.

We should be a people who can cry, holding the hands of the original Adam who longed for God. Moreover, we should be a people who can cry holding on to Adam and Eve. If we can be such a people, then we can step over fallen history.

We try to elevate our value and raise ourselves as objects of longing, even without being aware of it because we have the historical responsibility to long for the original person, to show that value proudly, and to offer it before God. That is natural because a human being has that ideal innately. However, as we elevate our value, if we allow in the value of the fallen world in the slightest, as we try to establish ourselves as the object of longing, it can become the basis for the fall by the slightest mistake.

Therefore, for fallen humanity, everything is denial. We have to give up everything. It is because Adam and Eve fell from the position of not having everything. Not having the authority to dominate all things is the fall. Has Adam ever stood in the position to dominate all things? No, he has not.

We should understand that we should give up everything and start with tears, for the historical condition to long and look for that original person remains. For that reason, we should look for a religion that induces tears. In Christianity we hear, “Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is near.” Jesus came to this earth and said this. These are words of wailing. They tell us to wail when I look at myself, wail for my family, for my loved ones, for my people, my nation, and for this whole earth. We should understand that this is because God’s will to re-establish the relationship of longing still remains with us.

Longing for Eden
Reverend Sun Myung Moon
May 24, 1959


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