The Reason We Must Open Our Eyes Again and Look to Heaven

We must open our eyes again. We must open our eyes again and look to Heaven. When we lift our gaze and look toward Heaven, we will feel awe-stricken. Heaven never forgot human beings, who are deep in sleep and lamenting before the death they face, all the while struggling to find the path in the world of death. Heaven has thought about humanity, which has betrayed Him, many thousands of times. You will fathom this and feel the heart of God, who loves human beings. The moment you realize that Heaven really exists, you will cry out of mixed emotions of sorrow and gratitude.

How many times has Heaven looked at us while protecting our lives! Heaven has been watching over us through our life course, our ideological conditions, and our desires, even while we were not aware of it. Do you understand the sorrow of God? Have you ever felt the misery that by far surpasses our misery and sadness? If you have not, you will not be able to bring resolution to all this in these last days of the 6,000- year history. It is not possible. The fundamental problems of humanity cannot be solved before humanity shatters all these walls and experiences the heart of God after returning to the original position of Adam. This is how it is.

We must open our eyes again and look at God, in whom we believe. We must look at Jesus again. We must look again at the countless good ancestors who came with the mission of God’s providence of restoration. While reviewing history, we must reflect on this again and think about what will happen as we look at the future with deep concern. If you do not feel like crying out bitterly, “Heaven!” as you open up your eyes and look, your hopes will be dashed.

Why are the paths of modern people blocked? Even the religious leaders who founded religions and guided people’s lives could not solve these fundamental problems and came to a dead end. Both philosophy and science have come to dead ends. What is the reason for this? It is because they did not open their eyes.

Since we cannot bring resolution with anything we currently have, we must forsake them all and look to Heaven once more. Those who have an earnest desire to look to Heaven and seek it, those who mourn with this desire to look up, and those who die cherishing this desire are the ones who can lay the cornerstone for the conclusion of human history.

A person concerned about the fate of his declining nation must not shout out for the sake of the people. First, he must cry out for the sake of Heaven, then he should shout out for the sake of the people. This is when the people will revive. History bears witness to this fact.

The moment we chase away the world, where we cannot find a solution even after ardent struggle, the moment when we return to the state of the original mind and open our eyes in the state of complete void is the moment when a new history is created and new life begins. It is the moment of re-creation when we can find our true selves.

We must understand that Jesus struggled to find Heaven as he prayed. Therefore, during the thirty-year preparation period, he could never express joy, even when his brothers and sisters or neighbors and relatives were happy. He saw that there was a huge gap between what Heaven wanted and where humanity was heading. The greater the gap he saw, the more firm his determination became.

Though he had many things to say, Jesus lived in silence. This was the grief of the thirty-year preparation period. After this thirty-year preparation period was over, he left his family and went forth as a pioneer. He went forward with the mind-set, “I will go even in the face of death, even if the path is fatiguing, even if I am to meet my downfall.” With this determination, he was able to overcome his environment.

Let Us Open Our Eyes Once More and Behold the Sky
Reverend Sun Myung Moon
February 15, 1959

What We Must Safeguard and Possess

Adam and Eve’s intellect and wisdom were not developed. This is why they made the mistake they did and could not feel the heart of God deeply. Even so, had they lived by the word of God in everything they did and felt in their lives, they would have overcome all temptations that came their way.

Adam and Eve did not know the purpose of God, who granted them the authority to govern all things. They did not long for what would come as the result of their successful obedience of the word. If their longing expectation of what would happen after they kept the word of God had dominated and guided their lives, if they had not forgotten their knowledge of life and their feelings in daily life, then Adam and Eve would not have eaten of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil.

Adam and Eve did not have any such yearning, so the words of the archangel seemed more important than the word of God. This is where the sorrow of humanity began. This is the beginning point of the long sleep in the darkness.

If at some point Adam and Eve had opened their eyes again and remembered the commandment of God, if they had sensed the greatness of the blessing God gave them to dominate all things in relation to the temptation of the archangel, they would not have fallen. This became the origin of all the vicissitudes which humanity has undergone. Hence, we must work to find ourselves, make an effort to find our responsibility and think about what we will become.

Had Adam grown up and cultivated the heart to govern all things, what would have been achieved? There would have been a complete bonding of the inseparable relationships of the whole through the unity between the love of Adam and Eve, the love of all things, and the love of God.

However, because we lost all these, we lament today. We are living in this sinful world with deep grudges against it. We have been ignorant of the true value and purpose of life and have been enslaved by Satan. We have been struggling painfully in the realm of the dark forces, where we cannot even fathom the value of death.

You must overcome this environment, open your eyes, and experience a fundamental change in your heart in order to recognize God once more. There must spring from within you a desperate and sincere heart. There must arise from within your heart a new realization about your life. Unless these things take place, you will not be able to take pride in your value. This is because no other value has to do with Heaven. No matter how proud you are of your authority or life, it cannot forge any relationship with Heaven. Everything will be in vain.

Therefore, we must re-analyze the words of the archangel and not repeat the mistakes of Adam and Eve, who did not behold God. We must correct ourselves through self-examination and open our eyes again. From that moment on, our true self can blossom.

Because we have not opened our new eyes, the universe has fallen into the abyss of sorrow, misfortune and despair inherited from the Fall. There is nothing more sad or infuriating than this fact. Although we should be working toward alleviating this sorrow and indignation, people do not even know how this sorrow and indignation came about. They are completely at a loss. Though people are pitiful, how much more miserable is God as He watches over this situation?

In the last days, it is the fate of fallen people to examine and recognize everything in a new light. The purpose of history and human life is to attain the day when we recognize everything and open our eyes, the joyful day when we discover our new selves, the moment we can connect with the entire universe as a new self and forge an inseparable bond of love with God. People have been struggling to attain this, even though they were not aware of it.

Let Us Open Our Eyes Once More and Behold the Sky
Reverend Sun Myung Moon
February 15, 1959

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