Love Makes Us Equal

True love makes us all equal. In love there is no higher or lower, there is no greater or lesser. Everyone will participate in the same glory in the name of true love. Once we participate in true love we all become great. Take President Reagan for example. The First Lady has come to be honored and respected and loved by the multitudes worldwide and treated on an equal level with President Reagan. By what power has she accomplished that? By the power of love. Love unites her with her husband and for that reason they are treated equally. Therefore, love makes us equal.

Also, love can be inherited and passed on from generation to generation. In accordance with this principle I can say that once we unite with the true love of God, once we become one with the Almighty, we can participate in His glory. Furthermore, we are in a position to inherit His Kingdom because we become His children. His children shall have the power to rule His Kingdom. We are endowed in our hearts with ambition to seek the greatest things in life. Each one of us strives for something higher and our ambition never ends. We want to strive further and further without stopping until we reach the ultimate – the true love of God. For that reason each one of you here on earth lives with that aspiration, to reach the highest level possible.

Furthermore, in order to find eternal life we must become one with the eternal being, which is God. We can have everlasting life and achieve immortality but only by uniting with immortality. We must become the objects of God. God is the subject of love. We are the objects of the love of God. These two can never be separated.

You may still ask, “Who is Rev. Moon? He’s a mystery to me.” Actually, I’m absolutely nobody. I don’t know much, but one thing I do know is that every cell in my body, every drop of my blood, every drop of my sweat, and every ounce of my energy is exclaiming and crying out with joy over one thing – I know God and His true love. I experience His love to my bone.

Love is infinite. True love is engendered by giving love. True love means that you give and give and give, and you do not ask for anything in return, and still you want to give; and even if you go on like this for eternity you will never run out of love.

How to Become One with the Almighty
Reverend Sun Myung Moon
May 15, 1986

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