God Needs a Circuit

I do know one thing: God needs nothing other than love. He does not need power; He does not need money; He does not need knowledge; He’s got them all. He has the power and the resources and the knowledge to create and maintain the universe. Yet I do know that God has been seeking that single, critical element that can perfect everything else — true love. He has not yet obtained that true love. This is not because of any lack in Himself, but because of the imperfection of man. You cannot consummate love by yourself; love needs a circuit. It can only impart its power when you have someone to love and rely upon. And just like love, happiness and peace require a circuit of give and take between two. It is the same with God. God has been looking for a partnership of love. God needs someone to relate to in love; He wants to be glorified by an object so He can feel joy. That object is man.

What I am relating to you tonight is not merely a theory; it comes directly from my experience. I have had many incredible spiritual encounters. I myself entered into the spirit world. Do you know what you breathe in the spirit world? It is not air. You breathe the atmosphere of love. You breathe love for the rest of your life, for eternity. However, the atmosphere of love we are talking about is an atmosphere of true, pure love.

In the earthly world today there exist many kinds of love. Perverted love, filthy love, dirty love, selfish love – all kinds of love that do not at all resemble the love of God. Yet in the highest spirit world there is only pure love, true love. This is what we call the perfection of love.

Are you sure you will go to the highest heaven of all? I know every one of you feels confident, but this is a very serious question facing humanity.

God created men and women for a reason. In order for a man to perfect his love he needs a woman, and for a woman to perfect her love she needs a man. We need each other. We should remember, though, that we have not yet accomplished the goal of becoming the temples of God. Because of the fall, mankind is now in what we call the fallen state, which is deviated from the original ideal. We need to return to our original state. Once we return we will become the most holy creatures under the sun, beautiful men and women – the perfected temples of God.

How to Become One with the Almighty
Reverend Sun Myung Moon
May 15, 1986

A Real Human Being

Limited as we are, we must find out how we can become one with the Almighty. Certainly a true or real human being can become one with Him. Then what is the definition of that real human being? It is the man or woman who embodies true love. I don’t think any one of you in this audience can raise any question or doubt about that. Beyond your color, creed, or religious persuasion, I’m sure you can agree with me that true love is what brings us together with the Almighty.

Another key question today is this: Can human beings be perfected? Can we become perfect men and women? If the answer ultimately is no, that is tragic. If we believe that no matter how much we try we will always end up in tragedy, because there is no room for perfection, then we cannot have true hope.

What is the Kingdom of Heaven? The Kingdom of Heaven is the place where the men and women of perfection shall dwell for eternity. When we talk about perfection, we are talking about the perfection of love between men and women.

It must be God’s plan to realize His ideal upon the face of the earth. I do believe that men and women are endowed with the potential for perfection. Men and women are going to be His almighty instrument. I didn’t say we are all perfect, but we’re given the potential for perfection; and God is trying to help us realize that potential so we can all become one with Him.

As a custom we shake hands when we meet and when we part; but do we truly meet each other with perfected love, and part with that same love? Do we practice the kind of true love at home that was God’s vision from day one, when He created men and women? Has such an example ever existed? This is a question that needs to be addressed.

How to Become One with the Almighty
Reverend Sun Myung Moon
May 15, 1986

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