Whose parent is He?

So, whose parent is He?

Is He the parent of mine, yours, or whose, specifically?

In the whole known and recently rediscovered human history, He was always told, written, expected to be the parent of some kind of denominations, certain ‘prophetic’ religious groups, races, nations. He was declared as the ‘supporter’ of selfishness backed ‘public desires’, He was named and titled in several ways and positions. However, new and new explanations, revelations were found and revealed, suggesting a misunderstood previous ‘version’ of Him.
Although, He might never changed, we, humans always wanted to see Him as our aims required, some of us silently, some of us conquering the world.

Is the African tale of Fidi Mukulu differs so much from the oriental creation-stories?
Is anyone still can believe, that Muslims, Jews, Christians have different Creator?

Putting aside the self-inducted, historical, political, economical, media explanations, what are always explanations, is there any major differences?
God can have vast amount of names, He will still remain God. Heavenly Parent is our original Heavenly Parent, constantly trying to reach out for each and every one of us. No parent can exist without children…

We do have senses, skills, abilities, but still use them for ‘scientific’ approach to find Him, to prove Him. Many of us believe, after establishing a nice and comfortable life, eternity will start…
Ironically, noone can decide when to be born, when to pass away…
Foolishly, we live chasing temporary happiness, neverlasting joy. Living for the sake of the moment should have never been turned running for private desires…

Has God changed since the Beginning? Absolutely not. He loves us with every part of his existence. Even we cannot stop loving our children, despite manners, anger, deeds, we cannot help but love them.

Has God changed since the Beginning? Absolutely yes. We became deaf, mute, blind, senseless, we reduced our conscience, we have been selfish, arrogant, proud and mislead. God, however, never stopped looking for ways to reach out, showing, whispering, shouting, asking, begging, helping, crying, sobbing, teaching… He, who is omnipotent, omniscient, ceaselessly wants to be better for us. He does not care our color, our height, our weight, our teeth, hair, strength, power, knowledge. He just wants to love us. He is longing for each and every one of us…

Every human wants to give food, water, shelter to people in need, children in need. If we put aside our manners, anger, selfish desires and deeds, our conscience will speak clearly. Even we, immatured humans, can love people we have never met before, can ‘adopt’ even for a minute children, who were not born to our lineage.

So, what about God?

Whose is God? He does love equally every one of us, always trying to be with us, unchangingly making efforts to help and be with us. All of us. Back, now and then in the history.

So, whose God is He?

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