The Nature of the Conscience

In the course of history, there have been many religions and religious leaders. Yet those who believed in those religions and in those leaders could not totally control their bodies and deny themselves. They could not liberate the conscience and position it to relate with God on the original basis. We sinful people did not become true olive trees. Instead, we became wild olive trees, with our roots in false love. Man should have had his roots in God’s true love, yet we established roots in Satan’s love. How are we going to solve the problem of being wild olive trees, instead of true ones? This remains an inescapable, extremely crucial task, which we must fulfill.

If you study yourself, you will notice that your conscience knows everything about you. Your conscience is closer to you than are your own parents. It desires to possess eternal love and to be embraced eternally in God’s bosom. When we marry, we separate from our earthly parents, but not from our conscience. The conscience exists with us prior to our birth on earth. It loves us, and its mission is to transform us into eternal sons and daughters of God. In this sense, the conscience does not need a teacher.

Have you ever heard of a Secretary of Education announcing a plan to educate the conscience? If the conscience had gone the original way, we would have known clearly the course we should follow in life. It would have taught us and guided us to return to God’s bosom. On the basis of our conscience, which knows everything about our life, there is a computer in the spirit world that registers everything we do on earth. When you go to the spirit world, you will discover this.

Until today, we did not know that the mission of the conscience is to convert us into unblemished, true sons and daughters of God. Is there anyone here who is convinced that he or she will never die? We all will go to the spirit world someday. When you enter the spirit world, they will immediately know you by your name. They will know about your entire life. They will also know about your ancestors, because the spirit world transcends time and space. We should not bring anything into that world that would stain our conscience. For that reason, know that the conscience is above all other teachers.

There are many distinguished personalities gathered here today Some of you are professors. I can honestly say that there has never been a professor who possessed a teaching superior to that of the conscience. The role of the conscience for a man is the same as that of a compass for a ship.

True Family and I
Reverend Sun Myung Moon
November-December, 1995

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