Why do we sing?

Why do we sing? Is singing the expression of joy and hope or hatred? Then how can joy be expressed? Songs can be divided into three categories: those that express a longing for joy, those that actually express joy and those that express sorrow over the lack of joy. In all three categories there must be a subject and object; a song about yourself alone would not be meaningful. When we talk about joy, we are automatically talking about someone else besides ourselves. The subject-object relationship is a prerequisite for joy. Before joy can exist there must be two poles that can form a circuit.

Throughout history much art and literature have been created and all of these express a yearning for joy, joy itself, or sorrow. Do we all need someone besides ourselves? The birds sing; even insects sing, yet no matter how trivial they may be, their singing and beautiful sounds are not for themselves. They are for someone else, for a partner, for their neighbors.

The Blessing
Reverend Sun Myung Moon
February 20, 1977


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