The Axis of Absolute Love

No matter how great a love a man may have, by himself he cannot actualize true love. Likewise, no matter how elegantly a woman may adorn herself, by herself she can never generate true love. When a man and woman come together in true love, then no matter how strong a power of opposition is imposed, they keep revolving around one another. How wonderful this is! God is drawn to that unity, because it is the place where He can experience His joy. When a man and a woman are united 100 percent, and their love reaches the point of explosion, the absolute love of God immediately comes to dwell within them. Then they can never escape from the love of God. The axis that their true love creates is the same axis that every being who cherishes the love of God must revolve around in order to meet the true standard of love. A person who cannot experience this type of love is not a true person. Are you confident that you are going to experience this level of love?

Everything must be judged according to the standard of true love. Conflict within a family does not occur because there is not enough food to eat, but rather from problems of love. When the love between a couple settles so firmly that it is unchangeable for millions of years, then no matter how hard a woman may try to escape from her husband, she will always come back again after going around in a circle. When a man and woman are in love, if one side goes up, the other automatically moves downward, and this results in a circular movement. Every existence resembles a circle. You must know that the world is made to be this way.


God’s Day Morning Speech
Reverend Sun Myung Moon
January 1, 1988
Seoul, Korea

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