Where is God?

If there is a God in the universe, how important He must be. If God were only useful for supplying daily meals and necessities, what kind of a God would He be? If God were dwelling on top of a mountain, would He be found on the lowest or the highest mountain? Not only would He be on the highest mountain, but on the peak of the highest mountain. If there were one tree on the top of the mountain, God would be in the top of that tree.

Is it easy to discover God? If God has hidden Himself in the earth, would He be just beneath the surface, or in the depths of the planet? If He dwelt in the desert, He would look for the largest desert, like the Sahara. That’s the way we reason. Suppose God is in the midst of the Sahara. Even though many people die along the way in search of Him, other people will never stop searching until they find Him. God is that precious. If the most important and precious thing is God, and He is hidden in the middle of the Sahara desert, would you like to go there? Even at the risk of your lives? That is human nature. That is the way man is created. If God is at the highest point of the mountain, people will not stop climbing up until they reach that pinnacle.

If God were hidden in a cave hundreds of miles beneath the earth, then men will dig and dig and will not give up until they reach Him. That’s the way man’s spiritual nature is inclined. Why is that? In the process of reaching that highest, deepest or widest point, we are overcoming everything in between. We become conquerors when we finally get ourselves to the top. Thinking men always feel they want to conquer something which ordinary people do not reach. It is man’s spiritual nature to strive to reach the utmost.

Should God place Himself in a place which is easy or difficult to reach? God should be at the pinnacle, in a position where people can ultimately reach Him only through an extraordinary way.


Things That Are Important To You
Reverend Sun Myung Moon
February 1, 1981


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