SMM Quotes – 73

As isolated individuals we can never find happiness; rather, we need another element with which to bring it about—another person, material things, or an intellectual goal. Happiness is always found within a proper relationship of subject and object partner. – Sun Myung Moon

The Sphere World of Love

Human beings, man and woman, are not created to live for the sake of themselves, but are created to exist for the sake of their reciprocal partners.

Therefore, man was not created as a man for the sake of himself. No matter how beautiful the woman is, or even if that woman hates man, look at how woman is created. Woman was not created like that just for herself. We are not born for our own selves; we are born for the sake of our spouses. This was the way we were born.

Parents and children start to rotate when the parents live for their children and children live for their parents and when both live for each other. The more they live for each other, the faster they rotate. This is the ideal style. It is not square, but it becomes Three- dimensionally round. To live for the sake of each other means to push each other; therefore, the more we live for each other, the faster we rotate, and then we form a sphere which will allow us to exist eternally.

Therefore, the world is like a sphere. Our faces are also round. Our eyes are round. They all have to give and take completely. Veins and arteries give and take. We get sick when there is a way to give but no way to receive. It happens when equality is broken. Therefore, moving beings cannot come to exist eternally unless they act for others. We must know this.

(from the book: Blessing and Ideal Family)

SMM Quotes – 72

If you quiet yourself and focus your mind, there is a place deep down where the mind is able to settle. You need to let your mind go to that place. When you put your mind in that place and go to sleep, then when you awake you will be extremely sensitive. That is the moment when you should turn away all extraneous thoughts and focus your consciousness. Then you will be able to communicate with everything. – Sun Myung Moon

The Original Love of Couples

Originally, man was to meet a woman who could make him happy, and woman was to meet a man who could make her happy as well. Furthermore, this meeting of man and woman would have transcended the limit of man and woman and even make God and the whole creation happy. Then, for the sake of this couple, the whole creation on this earth would mobilize with the desire to be dominated by them. The birds would sing songs for them, and the butterflies would fly and dance for them. God would feel joy, man would feel joy, and the whole creation would feel joy. If the history of the human ancestors had started from this situation, then this would have become the original ideal world of creation.


(from the book: Blessing and Ideal Family)

Heart of a Man, Heart of a Woman

In the heart of a man, there is a woman whom God loves; and in the heart of this woman who is the man’s object, there is also a man loved by God. When they come to praise each other, God would watch and feel happy, and the whole creation would also feel joy. The content of happiness which the man and woman share would become the precious content of joy for both heaven and earth. The place where man and woman are loving and embracing each other becomes the place where the whole universe unites. This is God’s original ideal for creation.


(from the book: Blessing and Ideal Family)

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