Men Are Not the Cause of Things

Everyone on earth wants blessing. Everyone wants their path blessed by some absolute power and wants to follow it. This desire is shared by individuals, organizations, nations, and the world. Men are not the cause of nature. Things do not derive from men.

Who are we? Who is God? He is the Creator. Who is the creator? According to the world of religion, God is our Father, and we are the children of God. However, it is not clear what kind of Father He is. Is He a rented father? Is He the father of our neighbor? Our stepfather? What kind of father is He? If He is not our real parent, is He our parent-in-law? Is the word “Father” right? As long as this fundamental question is not resolved, waiting for a better environment is not a solution. It won’t be resolved for tens of millions of years.

It is a problem between man and God. Man and God! When you ask if it is true that God is our Father, do you feel that God is your Father? The bodies of my father and mother certainly existed before I did. On the premise that I exist because of my mother and father before me, my mother and father existed first, I exist next. This is the correct formula. It is foolish to assert that I exist without taking my mother and father into account. Why? We human beings are not the first cause of things. We are the second result. Because of this, we have to mention the existence of a mother and father before our own existence. Having this point of view, we must ultimately resolve the problem of God — the origin of the universe. Tracing back beyond your parents and ancestors, you will come to God, won’t you? If you follow this logic, you have to define God before asserting yourself. The Unification Church teaches simply that God exists; He is our Father, and it teaches what our Father is like.

Since men are the result, aim at the starting point of the origin. Of course, it shouldn’t be done blindly. Because God has character, a man of character has an original intellect, emotion, and will-the substantive operation of the conscience. Therefore, the motivation should both exceed the substance of the cause and be absolute. Once getting off to a false start, its direction cannot be corrected.

(from the book: The Way for Young People)

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