The Sphere World of Love

Human beings, man and woman, are not created to live for the sake of themselves, but are created to exist for the sake of their reciprocal partners.

Therefore, man was not created as a man for the sake of himself. No matter how beautiful the woman is, or even if that woman hates man, look at how woman is created. Woman was not created like that just for herself. We are not born for our own selves; we are born for the sake of our spouses. This was the way we were born.

Parents and children start to rotate when the parents live for their children and children live for their parents and when both live for each other. The more they live for each other, the faster they rotate. This is the ideal style. It is not square, but it becomes Three- dimensionally round. To live for the sake of each other means to push each other; therefore, the more we live for each other, the faster we rotate, and then we form a sphere which will allow us to exist eternally.

Therefore, the world is like a sphere. Our faces are also round. Our eyes are round. They all have to give and take completely. Veins and arteries give and take. We get sick when there is a way to give but no way to receive. It happens when equality is broken. Therefore, moving beings cannot come to exist eternally unless they act for others. We must know this.

(from the book: Blessing and Ideal Family)


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