Things are never easy

Things are never easy. Neither to deal with, nor to accept their mere existence. We often tend to find comforting shelter in denying them…

Things can be tricky. They can be visible only for us, leaving us in the alone state. Where we can be seen either crazy, or someone who just simply lost the sense of balance…

Things can be hard. Endurance is an option but rarely manifested in the time of the overwhelming Things

Anyone to listen to us? Anyone to see as we see? We are the blind for the most. We have no ears for the most. Fortunately, there is always a listener, someone, who never doubts us, someone, who loves us, even if He will be seemed fool not letting us alone.
Our Heavenly Parent does have things, too. Different kinds, though: love, compassion, forgiveness – for example.

We do have time, all our life for growing, maturing, developing. And in every path, even in the tiny footsteps, our Heavenly Parent is with each and every one of us. Always…

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