Connection to God

It just came to my mind again, how people lost their connection to God.

I do mean the real, living partner, who is in me, you, each and every of us, and we are supposed to live in and with and by Him.

When we are hopeless we have no place for Heavenly Father in us.

When we rejoice without sharing it with Him, we steal the life, the breath from Him.

When we deny, and our intellect overcomes our shimjung (center of our original heart) we fail to live, we die.

Among the zombies, the living dead bodies, who we are without True Parents, Heavenly Father ceaselessly search even the tiniest life-signals to resurrect us.

Our hearts started to beat by Him.

We had Him.

And now, we just kill Him and True Parents through our own agony, day by day.

This must be stopped.

This is who we are: the Reborn.

Thus, let us live, and let God and True Parents live in us, and dwell all around.

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