Path we take

All of us take a different path to the same location.

We all desire “home”, a place we can settle, being embraced in the bosom of our Eternal Parent.
Some of us may not realize this, however there is no other way: either we start to live or continue our well-known and partly inherited partly self-developed agony.

We have eyes to be blind instead of filling our soul and mind with the beautiful scenario of the Life in and around ourselves.

Where shall we face, which direction?

Towards the Sun where there is no shadow.

This is our shelter, our cradle.
The Heart of Heavenly Father.

SMM Quotes – 17

Any individual who sacrifices for his family will become the lord of his family. Anyone who is willing to sacrifice for his society will become its leader. Those who are willing to sacrifice in order to save their nation will be the leading group of that nation. Any nation which sacrifices and serves in order to restore the world will lead the world. – Sun Myung Moon

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